Here's what a $35 million bungalow looks like in Singapore

It's hard to believe a home could be worth so much in Singapore.

Madam Chung Khin Chun is a retired physiotherapist came close to losing her $35 million bungalow and paintings worth millions to a China tour guide in 2015.

The China tour guide, Yang Yin, had misappropriated money from Madam Chung in 2010 and 2012. He is now serving a jail term of 9 years.

The two crimes that he admitted to was part of an "elaborate scheme encompassing practically all the earthly possessions of Madam Chung", including her $35 million bungalow.

If you have ever been curious to find out what a $35 million bungalow looks like in Singapore, you're in luck.

AsiaOne recently posted a gallery showing an exclusive look into her $35 million bungalow, here are the fascinating photos:

1. The $35 million bungalow has a long driveway, welcoming guests.

$35 million bungalow

Source: YouTube, The Straits Times

2. The house features Madam Chung's extensive collection of paintings

$35 million bungalow

Source: YouTube, The Straits Times

3. Madam Chung's legal guardian is Madam Hedy Mok, her niece

$35 million bungalow

Source: YouTube, The Straits Times

4. This is a rare glimpse into the $35 million bungalow

$35 million bungalow

Source: YouTube, The Straits Times

5. Hedy Mok will be donating part of Madam Chung's art collection to the National Art Gallery

$35 million bungalow

Source: YouTube, The Straits Times

The paintings seen in the house are said to be worth millions. But the niece and legal guardian of Madam Chung, Hedy Mok, wants to donate part of the collection to the National Gallery. There are over 200 paintings in her collection to date.

"I do not know how much they are worth," says Madam Mok. "Maybe millions. I do not plan to have them valued because it costs money to do so."

A spokesman for the National Gallery said it will be meeting Madam Mok to view the paintings.

Source: AsiaOne

Featured photo: AsiaOne


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