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"I have 100 thousand dollars sitting in my current account and I have no idea what to do with it."

“Which has better resale value, a Rolex watch or an Hermès bag?"

"Do I need to pay my maid a 13th month bonus?"

“Should I have a joint bank account with my fiancé?”

“How much does raising a child cost?”

These are questions swirling in many modern women’s minds and Asian Money Guide is here to answer. Launched in November 2017, Asian Money Guide is THE personal finance and career hub for women, with the mission to empower its audience with basic financial and career advice in bite-sized information presented at the right time, at the right life stage.

Whether single, in a relationship, engaged, married, separated, with or without kids, readers will find content on Asian Money Guide that just speaks to them. Articles such as “Money Questions Before Marriage: 11 Questions to Ask Your Fiancé” and “The Single Woman’s Guide to Buying a First Home” were produced with particular life stages and situations in mind, to provide information and advice that fit like a glove.

Asian Money Guide is out to ‘simplify money’, loaded with 101s, stories, interviews, videos, lists, and other forms of content, on topics such as: Savings, Credit/Debit Cards, Investments, Retirement, Fintech/Cryptocurrencies, Taxes, Insurance, Property, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Job-hunting, Travel, Home, Health, and Work-life Balance.

Distilling even the most mundane and complex financial discussions to easy, fun, bite-sized reads, Asian Money Guide translates these topics to: How do I command the same salary as my male coworker? Will investing in Manolo Blahniks increase my chances of signing the deal? Should I tell my husband how much I really earn? Should I pay my parents to babysit my kids? What are the best budgeting apps out there?

Asian Money Guide supports women who dare to chase after their financial and career dreams, whether big or small. Ready to join our community of strong, curious, and ambitious women?

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