5 Websites To Apply For Jobs Abroad That Won't Lead To A Scam!

5 Websites To Apply For Jobs Abroad That Won't Lead To A Scam!5 Websites To Apply For Jobs Abroad That Won't Lead To A Scam!

Can you tell real from fake?

More and more Filipinos are looking to move abroad for work thanks to the opportunities on offer. Increased salaries for specialist roles and the different lifestyle can be a refreshing change of pace. So if you’ve ever dreamed of working abroad, you’ll need to know where to apply for jobs, and how to avoid fake job websites that are scams!


Abroad jobs apply online – where should I apply?

Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs) need a some stability before moving over. Thankfully, applying for a loan is possible can help with startup expenses. And once you’re settled abroad, you’ll want to send money back to your family and loved ones. Which is easily done using an app! A lot of people are worried about their remittance payments and whether they actually arrive with their loved ones. Thanks to foolproof tracking, you can also check that your remittance is transferred successfully!

All you need to do is successfully apply for a job abroad and the opportunities are yours! Here are some of the most reliable websites when you’re looking for abroad jobs apply online.



abroad jobs apply online

Source: JobStreet

It seems like everyone has checked JobStreet for vacancies online! But what’s even better is that you can sift local jobs from vacancies parked overseas!

There are over 12,000 Philippines Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) approved job listings. Many of them are based in the Middle East, and there’s a lot of demand for specialist skills like engineers, construction, and finances among many others!

Applying is simple. You just enter the job title you’re interested in, or a particular skill or company you’re searching for. Then you can filter by country and skills. 


POEA Job Vacancies

abroad jobs apply online

Source: POEA

Although jobs appear less frequently, the government agency still posts opportunities. However, the availability of jobs isn’t as much as some of the other well-known websites. Currently, vacancies are showing from Taiwan and the Middle East. 

Clicking on the POEA vacancies link gives you the chance to browse the available posts. And checking out a link will load the PDF files of the job descriptions with the requirements. Apply online through their job portal. The relevant documentation needs to be submitted personally at the Manpower Registry Division (Window S or T) in the POEA main office.

This is the most legit link and applications will be processed quicker due to the urgent nature of filling the job roles.



abroad jobs apply online

Source: WorkAbroad.ph

One of the top leading overseas job portals in the Philippines has over 20,000 job listings from POEA-licensed recruitment agencies. 

The website offers a comprehensive service that allows you to find and be found. 

And the search functions go a long way with helping to narrow down your search. You can choose to filter by specialisation, jobs without placement fees, sea-based jobs and even jobs without placement fees!

Sign up for a free WorkAbroad.ph account in order to start applying for jobs. When your CV is uploaded, employers can also find you.

If you want to double up on the job check, browse job postings on your phone through the WorkAbroad.ph mobile app



abroad jobs apply online

Source: OFWguru

Of the overseas job search platforms, OFWguru is one of the newest players in the market. The website also posts job hirings from POEA-licensed recruitment agencies. And prospective employers can search for your CV once you’ve uploaded it on your account.

They have a lot of OFW advice when looking on what to consider when working abroad. 

What’s noticeable is how seamless the process is. Once you’ve made your profile, OFWguru suggest recommended jobs based on your criteria. You can also conduct searches of your own. And when you come across something that looks interesting, a simple click and your application is sent straight to the recruiter. 



abroad jobs apply online

Source: Linkedin

Social media doesn’t just stop after the 9-5! The business-oriented approach allows employers to post job postings online. And visibility is high as recruiters and employees can check each others’ profiles out. It’s a really good way to build up your contacts and expand your network. Also a good place for the odd humblebrag!


How can I tell if a website is dodgy?

abroad jobs apply online

Source: Shutterstock

You might search outside of our suggestions, which is great initiative on your behalf! But of course, there are a lot of scammers on the internet so it’s important to be able to tell if something doesn’t smell right. Here are some tips to keep you on the right path to job hunting for overseas work.

  • Receiving unsolicited offers when you don’t remember sending a job application
  • Big promises with apparently little risk for you (e.g. high salary with amazing benefits based in developed countries like the United Kingdom, Singapore or America)
  • Phishing attempts to get you to pass over confidential and sensitive personal information like your usernames, passwords, and date of birth.

Stay alert! A lot of scammers might claim they’re from reputable agencies like WorkAbroad.ph. But if it doesn’t seem right, don’t be worried to decline.


Visit these legit websites so you can improve your abroad jobs apply online! Share with friends who are looking for new opportunities across the sea!

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