This Is What Happens When You Rent A Luxury Watch You Can’t Afford

This Is What Happens When You Rent A Luxury Watch You Can’t AffordThis Is What Happens When You Rent A Luxury Watch You Can’t Afford

I spent most of my time fishing for compliments I never got.

Expensive accessories can make a positive (or negative) difference in your life. Everyone responds to material things differently. For some, it is their dream to own an expensive timepiece, despite not being able to afford a luxury watch at the moment. 

But this is what happens when you rent a watch you can’t afford. 

Can you afford a luxury watch? No? Rent one, anyway

The thing about greed is this: you will stop at nothing to get what you want. Even if that means that you only get what you want temporarily.

For some of us, one of the subtle nuances about owning a luxury item is that feeling you get when unfolding its packaging. When you unpackage an expensive item, everything about it screams of prestige, luxury and a higher standard than what you’re used to. Even if it’s just a rental watch.

Even the design the watch’s box tells you to handle it with care because what it protects deserves it. When you look at a Rolex Explorer, the material glistens in a way you didn’t think a watch could. And the craftsmanship is clearly top-class, to match the price tag. 

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Can’t afford a luxury watch? At least look like you can

You’ll strap it on, hoping the clunkiness and considerable weight is clearly distracting. The compulsion to check the time frequently isn’t because the laws of physics change periodically, but because you want to marvel at this masterpiece as often you can. 

In time, the fascination fades and is replaced with an overbearing sense of shame. You thought that you would rise up in the world, with the trusty Rolex steed carrying you to lofty heights of esteemed social status.

Then you start keeping track of who notices the watch and comments on it. People don’t have time to notice these things unless you deliberately show them. And at that point, you’re clearly fishing for that compliment.

To most, the only difference between a high street brand and this engineering masterpiece is the price tag. They both tell the time. And the only people who will appreciate the watch fully clearly know a lot more about it than you, so you’ll be a fish out of water in those crowds.

The lesson is clear. Purchase and wear a luxury watch because you want to own and wear it, not to impress anyone. If you really want to try one, renting it might be the way to go. But we guarantee the experience will be underwhelming if you’re hoping for people to notice you more than before.


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