Strapped For Cash But Need To Travel? These Airplane Saddles Might Be The Answer

Strapped For Cash But Need To Travel? These Airplane Saddles Might Be The Answer

Affordable travel is great and all, but would you sit in one of these seats?

How much comfort would you be willing to sacrifice to get a good deal? Would you go as far as sitting on a standing airplane saddle like the Skyrider 2.0?

skyrider 2.0

Source: Aviointeriors

The Skyrider 2.0 is a new compact seat that could redefine what it means to travel economy. It allows planes to increase their passenger number by 20%. It’ll also minimize maintenance costs because it’s half the weight of standard economy class seats, and it’s made of less parts too.

“Skyrider 2.0 is the new frontier of low cost tickets and offering a possibility to fly to whom today cannot afford it,” says a press release on the website of Italian aerospace interior design company Avio Interiors.

Will we be saying goodbye to normal airplane seats?

Will there ever be planes full of these seats? Probably not.

Planes are designed to carry only a certain number of passengers, and having an aircraft with purely SkyRider seats would have way too many passengers to be deemed air-worthy.

These seats are designed to take up only a few rows of seating, while still keeping normal economy seats and even business class.

But would you buy a ticket on a standing airplane saddle?

skyrider 2.0

Source: Pexels

This isn’t the first time Avio Interiors came up with high-capacity seats. The original Skyrider was never adopted by an airline. And it’s easy to understand why.

Flying is uncomfortable enough as it is, and though it seems like airlines will do anything to cut costs, they do seem to draw a line here.

One reviewer for the travel review site The Points Guy tried sitting on a Skyrider for 10 minutes, trying the front and back seat. The verdict? “The front row wasn’t bad, but at 5 foot 11 inch tall, my knees were firmly planted against the seatback for the entire time in the rear row.”

No airlines have committed to installing the Skyrider 2.0, but representatives from Aviointeriors note that there has been strong interest.


Would you be interested in booking a standing airplane saddle seat? Let us know in the comments!

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