Andi Eigenmann Sells Everything She Has To Live The Simple Life In Baler

Andi Eigenmann Sells Everything She Has To Live The Simple Life In BalerAndi Eigenmann Sells Everything She Has To Live The Simple Life In Baler

She realised that the celebrity lifestyle just wasn't for her.

Many of us say that we’d gladly sell our possessions, move to a remote island, and never look back, but very few actually do.

Filipino actress Andi Eigenmann put her money where her mouth is by leaving Metro Manila to move to Baler, a surf town on the eastern coast of the Philippines.

And she’s not merely transplanting her luxurious city life to the seaside. reports that after selling everything she deemed unnecessary, she’s actually living the modest life.

andi eigenmann moves to baler

Andi Eigenmann at the opening of a Louis Vuitton boutique in Manila (Source: Instagram/andieigengirl)

“I sold everything that I felt was an idea of luxury that I didn’t need,” she told the press while she was promoting her latest movie The Maid in London. “I don’t own any designer clothes, bags, everything concerning celebrity luxury, make-up — none of that. I don’t even have house help, nannies, drivers, it’s truly the simple life.”

Andi Eigenmann moves to Baler: Why did she choose to give up so much?

Andi explains that she felt like all those material possessions were making her life toxic. Now that she’s let go of all that, she says she couldn’t be happier.

Her house in Baler is currently under construction, and her vision for it is simple. She told the press that she wants to keep the house itself small, but have a big yard with a garden.

andi eigenmann moves to baler

Source: Instagram/andieigengirl

Not everyone has approved of Andi’s decision. Her mother, acclaimed actress Jaclyn Jose, still wants her to prioritise her entertainment career.

But it doesn’t look like Andi will be changing her mind any time soon.

A single mom, Andi says that she wants her daughter to grow up in a place like Baler.

“Life there is just so different,” she says. “I’ve grown so close to the people who live there. They’re like my family, especially the little kids who I’ve grown to love, so why not just build my life there?”


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