Andi Eigenmann Has Enough Of Baler And Moves To Siargao To Start A New Business

Andi Eigenmann Has Enough Of Baler And Moves To Siargao To Start A New BusinessAndi Eigenmann Has Enough Of Baler And Moves To Siargao To Start A New Business

From acting to being a mother to businesswoman!

Previously, the Filipina model and actress Andi Eigenmann moved to Baler to get away from it all and live the simple life with her daughter. Now, she’s announced that she’s upped her roots as news breaks out that Andi Eigenmann moves to Siargao, Surigao del Norte.

And she’s got huge plans for her personal life and business plans!


Big moves for the big film star as Andi Eigenmann moves to Siargao

andi eigenmann moves to siargao

Source: Instagram @andieigengirl

The 28-year-old is preparing for the launch of her new movie, All Souls Night on Oct, 31. The actress-mum revealed to that she has given up on living the simple life in Baler, Aurora and plans to start her own business in Siargao!

“Well, technically nagsisimula na pero wala pa yung structures. I’m building Airbnb,” she said, which is in reference to the company that offers hospitality services through online booking.

“Transient, ang set-up is a house that you can rent. Bed and Breakfast.”

And her business partner is her recent boyfriend, surfer Philmar Alipayo. Which makes sense since he’s born and raised in Siargao!

andi eigenmann moves to siargao

Source: Instagram @andieigengirl

New roots

andi eigenmann moves to siargao

Source: Instagram @andieigengirl

The single mother also shared the delicate balance between setting up her new business and looking after her daughter, Ellie. She splits her time between Manila and Siargao, as Ellie’s studies are based in the capital. And when Andi comes to Siargao, Ellie is with her father, Jake Ejercito.

“Palitan po kami ni Jake,” Andi elaborated. “Kapag time ko po of the month and since may pasok, nandito po ako. Kapag Christmas, summer, I’m going to be bringing her there with me.”

The model-cum-entrepreneur said that her relationship with her ex-partner has improved and there’s a shared focus on looking after Ellie.

“We’re not friends but as parents, yeah, I would say we’re really good.”

Regarding whether living in Baler or Siargao is better, Andi says that either is good due to the simple life.

“I guess, realizing that money is not really the secret to success or happiness”.

With regard to her decision to live away from Manila, Andi said the simple life, whether in Baler or Siargao, suits her.

“Having less is easier to be happy and thankful and to appreciate everything around you, that you don’t really need much.

“Also, I have better relationship with friends and the people that I’ve met there”.


She’s just full of surprises! We wouldn’t have expected to hear that Andi Eigenmann moves to Siargao!

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