Couple Spends S$2,700 On Wedding Photos, Gets Shitty Photos In Return

Couple Spends S$2,700 On Wedding Photos, Gets Shitty Photos In ReturnCouple Spends S$2,700 On Wedding Photos, Gets Shitty Photos In Return

They got what they paid for.

When you’re planning for the big day, you go through a lot of trouble to make sure everything is perfect and everyone does their jobs. But this couple learned the hard way that you should do your homework when hiring a wedding photographer. This is a story of how they ended up with a bad wedding photographer. 

Bad wedding photographer sends overexposed photos to bride and groom

The groom, Ivan Tan, got married about three months ago. He only recently got his actual day wedding photos back. And it was then that he realised he got himself a bad wedding photographer.

“It was supposed to be a happy and memorable day but yet it turned out to be full of disappointment,” he wrote in a post on Facebook which went viral.

It was said that the couple had paid Reflection Photography S$2,700 for a “3-In-1” package. The package included photography, videography and photo booth. (This, by the way, is a very very cheap price to pay for all three services in Singapore. A typical package for all three should cost north of S$4,000.)

I guess you could say he got what he paid for. 

Here’s what went wrong with his wedding photos. 

1. The photos were overexposed.

“We literally look like ghost(s),” he wrote. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

bad wedding photographer

It hurt our eyes to even look at this.

bad wedding photographer

Smart phone photos would have been better.

bad wedding photographer

bad wedding photographer

bad wedding photographer

Source: Facebook/Ivan Tan

2. The photographers did not provide them with direction, making the photos look a little TOO candid

bad wedding photographer

Edited to black and white in an attempt to save the photo.

bad wedding photographer

They had apparently left a cloud of stain in the photo despite editing. Source: Facebook/Ivan Tan

3. The company’s response was appalling

Of course, upon seeing the quality of his photos, he demanded some answers from the company. The chief photographer responded to Tan saying the photos were okay and that it was the first time they had encountered this feedback. 

“Instead of being apologetic for their incompetency, they criticised the subject (my wife and me) and the environment for the bad photos,” Tan wrote in his lengthy post.

The chief photographer had also said that they “neglected the fact that (they) had to give QUALITY photos rather than QUANTITY”. The couple received about 800 photos from the company. 

Read Ivan Tan’s full post here:

He warns couples with upcoming nuptials to do their homework when searching for the right wedding photographer. Hosting a wedding is not cheap. If you’re going to save up for your wedding, be sure to bear all these costs in mind and not try to cut corners when it comes to wedding photographers!


We feel so sorry for you, Ivan, that you had to get a bad wedding photographer. Don’t make the same mistake, everyone!

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