Going To Bali Soon? Keep This Shopping Hack In Mind

Going To Bali Soon? Keep This Shopping Hack In MindGoing To Bali Soon? Keep This Shopping Hack In Mind

Whether this system is real or not, it's best to keep this in mind when travelling to Bali.

If you’re about to head to Bali, keep this shopping tip in mind. According to a regular Bali visitor, street merchants reportedly “label” shoppers by using plastic bags.

In an article in the Daily Mail, frequent traveller Kristian Troy said he uncovered this secret system nearly 30 years ago.

bali plastic bag

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He noticed that merchants were bagging shoppers’ items with different coloured bags to alert other stores on how hard they haggle.

Troy said shoppers who were considered easy targets by merchants had their purchased items given to them in red plastic bags, while more aggressive bargain hunters were handed black bags.

“When you buy something, the colour of the plastic bag you put your goods in will indicate to other merchants your haggling skills,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

bali plastic bag

Source: Pixabay

He added that plastic bags with black and white stripes were handed to people who enjoyed bargaining.

Troy said he was initially skeptical about the system, and decided to put it to the test when he visited local stores.

“When I gave in easy at one shop I was given a red bag, much to my disgust,” he said. “I then bought the same item at another shop and really haggled and got a black bag.”

“Our driver told us about this system and warned us to dump any red bags.”

bali plastic bag

Source: Pixabay

Troy also told Daily Mail that he has since engaged in numerous debates with Bali travellers who don’t believe the system still exists.

A good way to get past this system if you’re travelling to Bali is to bring your own recyclable bag. That way, you’re saving the environment while not being marked according to your shopping style!


Have you ever experienced this Bali plastic bag system? Let us know your experiences in the comments.

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