This Young Woman Saved 68,900 Pesos (S$1,767) In 2 Weeks! Here's How She Did It

This Young Woman Saved 68,900 Pesos (S$1,767) In 2 Weeks! Here's How She Did It

Here's how she saved 68,900 pesos in just 2 weeks of "barya mode!"

A businesswoman shared a photo on Facebook and claimed that she managed to save up 68,900 pesos in 2 weeks, with her “2 Weeks Barya Mode.”

However, some netizens were skeptical about her post. Some said that in her photo, there were more bills than coins. Other said that it was impossible to save up that much money in 2 weeks.

There were also some who were quick to rush to her defence. They argued that she was running an online business, so it was possible to earn that much in just 2 weeks.

But the big thing to ask would be, “is the barya mode method of saving really effective?”

What is “barya mode?”

According to user Ehla Cho, she managed to save up 68,900 pesos simply by saving up all of the change that she received.

She wrote in her post, “Di ko alam na healthy kana pala kitty ko. Ung tipong mas gusto ko pang gumatos lagi ng buong pera kesa gumastos ng mga barya. adik lang diba.

“Di ko expect na ganito pala ung mga naipon kong mga sukli sa mga kaartehan ko in 2 weeks.

“68,900 pesos. 

The post quickly became viral, mostly because of the large amount of money that she was able to save in just 2 weeks. However, calling it “barya mode” is a misnomer, as there were more bills than coins in the photo that she had posted.
barya mode


In response to criticisms, Ehla had this to say:

And ung sa post ko din about sa pera sa alkansya? problema nyo dn? tataka kayo bakit nakaipon in 2 weeks? binabash nyo ba tlga ako or pinapasaya nyo ko? galit na galit kayo sakin pero todo pa add kayo sakin? nayayabangan kayo? bat di kayo gumaya? alam nyo, sakit nyo na yang crab mentality.”

Practical money saving tips!

barya mode


Did you know that only 48% of Filipino adults have savings? And out of that 48%, only 9% store their money in banks. Alarmingly, most of them save their money at home.

These numbers are important since saving money is essentially preparing yourself for the future. Having a savings account not only keeps your money safe, but also makes it easier for you to manage your finances.

Here are some important things to remember when it comes to saving money:

  1. Plan a monthly budget and stick to it. The key to setting aside some money for savings is to have a budget that you follow diligently. Having a budget makes it easier for you to know if you’ve already spent too much this month, or if you have extra money for savings.
  2. Try to cut back on other expenses. List down the things you usually buy each month, and check to see if you can cut back on some of those expenses. Take out anything that seems like a waste of money.
  3. Avoid spending all your money on your payday. A lot of people make the mistake of living from paycheck to paycheck. It’s always best to avoid spending money if possible, so that you can always have some money on hand should you need it.
  4. Keep your money in the bank. Keeping money in the bank helps you avoid spending it willy-nilly, and also keeps your money safe as compared to simply keeping your money at home.

The most important thing is to save up for your future.

It’s always a good idea to have some money lying around that you can spend on your retirement, or in case you get sick or unable to work. Saving your money is a great way of getting yourself ready for the future, and helps you avoid money problems later on.


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