Sugar Baby Spends S$30,000 A Year On Beauty Treatments To Maintain Her 'Look'

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Ever wondered how much it costs a sugar baby to look the part?

We may or may not agree with the lifestyle of sugar babies, but it’s one intriguing career choice. Since “sugar dating” became hyper popular in 2015, the lifestyle has spread rapidly across the world. If you’re curious to know more about this lifestyle (especially about sugar baby upkeep), read on.

One sugar baby revealed that it cost her US$22,000 (S$30,000) a year to maintain her sugar baby lifestyle.

Wait. What?

Aren’t sugar babies supposed to be pampered and given all they want so they never have to spend a cent on maintaining a certain lifestyle?

The total cost of sugar baby upkeep

According to this unnamed sugar baby residing in Los Angeles, California, she spends US$22,000 (S$30,000) per year to meet her “clients” expectations!

But to be fair, her sugar daddy does reimburse her for all her treatments later on.

The pair met and come to an agreement on Seeking Arrangement, a money-for-love matchmaking website like Malaysia’s own TheSugarBook.

The 24-year-old explains that her sugar daddy is in finance and has to attend many important events like dinners and galas. It’s a prerequisite for her to accompany him, so she has to look glamorous to also keep his reputation intact.

To help you wrap your mind around why it costs so much, we’ll break it down by the price of each type of treatment per year.

sugar baby upkeep

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Sugar baby upkeep: Hair

sugar baby upkeep

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  • Haircut by personal stylist (4x a year): S$686
  • Hair dye by personal stylist (6-8 weeks): S$1,962
  • Ad-hoc hair blowout at Drybar (twice a month): S$1,080
  • Extensions and clip-ins: S$280 per visit
  • Clip-ins sewn in (once during summer): S$2,058
  • Total: ~S$8,901 per year

The sugar baby noted that her hair is mid-length and blonde, so she has to keep it smart and classic to match with her sugar daddy’s image.

Sugar baby upkeep: Makeup

sugar baby upkeep

Source: Unsplash

  • Glamsquad stylists/personal stylist (3-4 times a month): S$3,924
  • Power/foundation/moisturiser/contour kit: S$4,941
  • Total: S$8,865

The sugar baby revealed her sugar daddy wants her to avoid looking like a Kardashian (ooh, burn), so she uses NARS Bronzing Powder, NARS Tinted Moisturiser, Bobbi Brown’s Foundation and their contour kit.

Sugar baby upkeep: Grooming

sugar baby upkeep

Source: Unsplash

  • Laser hair removal (each session S$411): S$6,165
  • Waxing (each session S$104): S$1,248
  • Total: S$7,413

Since she loves to go to the beach, she normally goes for waxing once a month. But her sugar daddy has insisted she gets laser hair removal as well. Enduring 15 sessions hasn’t been easy!

Sugar baby upkeep: Nails

sugar baby upkeep

Source: Unsplash

  • Pedicures (S$68 per session one every two weeks): S$1768
  • Manicures (S$41-S$54 for acrylics, S$41 for shellacs once a month): S$ 492
  • Total: S$2260

Aspiring sugar babies, take note! Apparently, it’s really important to sugar daddies that your nails are in pristine condition. There’s no French tips or glitter, just nude colours for this sugar baby in particular. The consensus amongst the community is that they look tacky, so be aware!

Sugar baby upkeep: Tanning

  • Tanning beds (S$54 per month): S$648
  • Spray tan (S$60 per spray, for big events): S$247
  • Total: S$895

This won’t affect Asians as much since people generally prefer a paler look. But having an orange tint is highly desired for this sugar daddy!

Sugar baby upkeep: Cosmetic surgery

sugar baby upkeep

Source: Shutterstock

  • Preventative botox (forehead and crows feet, S$1030 per session): S$2060
  • Total: S$2060

The sugar baby has taken the initiative to prevent wrinkles forming in unwanted areas. She’s already done it twice and is considering some work done on her lips.

Total cost comes up to S$30,394

Beauty indeed comes at a cost. But it’s a price this sugar daddy is willing to pay. In fact, there are communities much bigger than you might expect dedicated to sugar dating. And if you land a sugar daddy that’s married, you’ve hit the “jackpot”.


Sugar baby upkeep can be a very expensive thing to maintain. It’s no wonder sugar daddies have to be so rich to support their sugar babies.

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