Beggars In Johor Bahru Earn More Than Fresh Grads In Singapore

The begging industry is incredibly lucrative in JB.

Beggars in Johor Bahru have recently been found to make up to S$3,365 a month! Due to the generosity of city folk in Johor Bahru (and perhaps visiting Singaporeans), some beggars earn up to RM300 a day (S$100) or RM10,000 (S$3,365) per month.

Today reported that beggars in Johor Bahru (JB) will work at erratic hours and shift their "place of business" just to avoid Social Welfare Department (JKM) crackdowns.

It seems that their main congregation point appears to be traffic lights at busy intersections in the city.

Beggars in Johor Bahru earn up to RM300 (S$100) a day

beggars in johor bahru

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According to JKM officer Normawarni Mahat, beggars carry out their activities at traffic lights because they are able to earn more money (while the lights are red), and it is easier for them to flee when they see enforcement vehicles (which cannot reach them in time due to) traffic congestion.

She added that many rescued beggars are found to have been earning up to RM300 a day.

If there is any indication that there are fewer beggars on the streets lately, it is only because beggars have been being rehabilitated by JKM.

In recent months, the department have rescued two Rohingya women in their 30s, four children aged between 6 months and 3 years, and a disabled man from Vietnam.

But not all beggars on the streets are foreigners. Normawarni adds that they also managed to rescue three local men aged between 50 and 60.

"The three (Malaysian men) were previously detained and charged under the Destitute Persons Act 1977 in 2016. At that time, they were released with a warning not to commit the same offence. However, after being caught begging on numerous subsequent occasions, they were sent to a welfare institution last year to undergo rehabilitation," she said.

Beggars in Johor Bahru: Driven by financial problems and addictions

beggars in johor bahru

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Investigations have revealed that beggars are driven by financial problems, unemployment, and alcohol and drug addiction.

"Members of the public who wish to report begging activities in the Johor Bahru district can contact the Johor Baru Social Welfare office at 07-2232 606 or Talian Nur at 15999. We hope that the public will not give in easily to beggars, as this will only encourage them to choose the easy way to get money and carry on with their activities," Normawarni says.

With beggars earning RM10,000 (or S$3,365) per month, that is higher than both Malaysia's and Singapore's national average starting pay.

Malaysia's average starting pay for a Bachelor's Degree holder is only RM2,450, while Singapore's average starting pay for a Bachelor's Degree holder is S$3,360 per month (considering you graduate from Singapore top 3 universities).

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