Best Careers For Moms: 10 Industries With The Happiest Working Moms

Best Careers For Moms: 10 Industries With The Happiest Working Moms

These careers make it possible for working moms to "have it all".

Work-life balance is crucial for parents, but not all careers make it possible. Which are the best careers for moms?

The best careers for moms: What to look for

According to Monster, the best careers for moms are those that offer at least one of these characteristics:

  • well-paying
  • part-time
  • a flexible schedule
  • the ability to work from home (at least part-time)
  • paid maternity leave
  • good daycare benefits

But which jobs provide the best work-life balance? Online professional community CareerBliss reviewed more than 60,000 employee reviews from women to find out.

Here are the best careers for moms, according to their research:

1. Pharmaceutical

Due to its flexibility, the pharmaceutical industry has some of the happiest working moms on the planet. These jobs are also often high-paying.

“Pharmaceutical workers are offered high pay, a flexible environment, the feeling of being rewarded at work, and good, well-educated managers,” Heidi Golledge, CEO and co-founder of CareerBliss, told Forbes.

2. Biotech

The biotech industry is attracting more women because of its high salaries and flexible options. Working moms can choose to freelance, especially for those consulting for biotech companies.

3. Administrative/Clerical

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Women ranked these jobs highly because of their flexibility and their positive interactions with management. Even though administrative positions don’t have the most lucrative salaries, these jobs still rank highly.

Why? Golledge says that compensation and job security were rated the least important by moms, so that may explain why these jobs rank so highly.

4. Accounting

Many accountant moms are given the opportunity to work from home part-time, which is probably why accounting is such a popular job for moms.

5. Telecommunications

Moms who work as network integration managers oversee the integration of computer and telecommunication administration for companies or organizations. They’re often given more flexibility, which is why this industry ranks highly on CareerBliss’ list.

6. Human resources

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Being a parent teaches you a lot about managing people, which is why moms are ideal HR recruits. HR is a female-dominated field, and HR managers are very well-compensated, which is a definite plus.

7. Strategy/planning

Moms working in strategy and planning enjoy calling the shots and the challenges their jobs demand.

8. Business development

Because of competitive salaries and high growth potential, working moms in business development are some of the happiest.

9. Quality assurance/control

Jobs in quality assurance/control offer stable hours and flexible schedules, which make them all the more attractive to working moms.

10. Information technology

With great benefits and high salaries, more and more women are joining the technology and engineering sector — including working moms.


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