Top Cities In The World Expats Love -- And Cities To Avoid

Who wouldn't want to live and work in sunny Costa Rica or laidback Amsterdam?

Thinking of migrating sometime soon? These are the best cities to migrate to in the world, according to InterNations' recently released report.

The Expat Insider 2017 survey got about 8000 respondents in 40 cities to share their opinions on the city they are currently living in.

This is what they found when it comes to the best cities to migrate to or work in as an expat in the world:

1. Manama, Bahrain is the best city in the world to work in

best cities to migrate to

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Despite a language barrier (the national language is Arabic), Manama has been voted the best city for expats to work and live in. For one, expats find it extremely easy to get settled in the city. An impressive 92% of respondents agree that this is the case.

They also believe the locals have the friendliest attitude towards foreigners and have few problems making new friends in Manama.

Expats have also reported that it is easy to find accommodation here and finances do not pose a problem in general.

2. Prague offers a pleasant and productive life

best cities to migrate to

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While Prague may not be the best city for expats to consider settling down easy or for locals to be particularly friendly towards them, it is a great city for work productivity.

In terms of urban work life, Prague seems to rank pretty highly on the expats' lists. Expats believe that there are plenty of work opportunities here and the local economy is in a healthy state. The local transportation has also garnered a lot of praise.

3. Madrid is great to live in, but work may not give you job satisfaction

best cities to migrate to

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Unfortunately, if you are not seconded to Madrid for work, moving there to find a job may not be the best option for you. Expats reported poor job opportunities here and have little job satisfaction. Oops!

But thankfully, this is made up by great local leisure options, a great climate (who can resist sunny weather!) and great healthcare! Expats also believe housing is affordable and easy to find here.

4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a friendly place with few language barriers

best cities to migrate to

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There are three main languages used the most in Kuala Lumpur, but generally everyone speaks English, considering the country's colonial past.

This makes it easy for expats to settle in and assimilate with the locals, making their social lives very active in the city from the get go.

85% of respondents also find it easy to get used to the local culture.

5. Costa Rica's people are as warm as the weather

best cities to migrate to

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If your main priority is to be able to have a good social life when moving to a new city, then Costa Rica will meet all your demands.

In fact, one in five expats said in the survey that their social circles consist of mostly Costa Ricans. It is also an easy city for expats to settle in, especially if they have a family with them.

Quality of education and childcare are ranked highly here, making it a favourable city for expats with families too. Almost half the respondents (48%) admit that they can see themselves living in Costa Rica forever.

6. Here are some other cities that expats love:

Amsterdam, Mexico, Bangkok, Johannesburg, Frankfurt and Auckland.

These cities are reportedly the worst for expats to live in:

best cities to migrate to

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While there are a number of favourites, there are also cities that rank the worst for expats to live in. For example, Kuwait and Greece have been ranked in the bottom 3 for four consecutive years, and Nigeria has been in the bottom 3 since 2015.

Expats in Greece believe their household income is not enough to cover daily expenses. With the state of the economy, expats have expressed feelings of insecurity.

In Kuwait, the main problems are quality of life, leisure options and personal happiness.

Quality of life is also an issue for expats in Nigeria making it rank lowly on the list of best cities to migrate to, even though finances have improved tremendously over the last few years.

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What do you think makes a city qualified to be the best cities to migrate to or work at? Let us know in the comments. 

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