Top 10 Best And Worst Jobs For The Future (Updated 2018)

Top 10 Best And Worst Jobs For The Future (Updated 2018)Top 10 Best And Worst Jobs For The Future (Updated 2018)

Some of these jobs might surprise you.

Fresh out of uni and looking for a job for your future? Fear no more, as data experts have done the work for you by predicting the best jobs for the future!

So if you’re looking for the best jobs for the future, so you can prepare yourself for the coming years, look no further.

Best jobs for the future

best jobs for the future

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Kiplinger and economic forecasting group EMSI analysed 785 popular jobs in the US using the data obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And from their analysis, Kiplinger which jobs will have strong and weak growth rates over the next 10 years (from 2016 to 2026), the expected salary of each job and how much education you’ll need to qualify.

It’s interesting to note jobs are excluded if they “saddled people with too much debt”, according to David Muhlbaum, Kiplinger online editor.

best jobs for the future

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10 Best Jobs For The Future

best jobs for the future

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  1. App developer
  2. Computer systems analyst
  3. Nurse practitioner
  4. Physical therapist
  5. Health services manager
  6. Physician assistant
  7. Dental hygienist
  8. Market research analyst
  9. Personal financial adviser
  10. Speech language pathologist

Kiplinger’s top two qualifications when they mined the data were providing a good salary and the ease of entry into the industry.

You might have noticed that a job typically expected to make this list like a doctor is missing. This is because of the large amount of time and money you need to invest in order to prepare for the field when compared to the others that made the cut.

10 worst jobs for the future

best jobs for the future

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  1. Textile machine worker
  2. Photo processor
  3. Furniture finisher
  4. Radio or TV announcer
  5. Floral designer
  6. Gaming cashier
  7. Legislator
  8. Metal and plastic machine operator
  9. Door-to-door salesperson
  10. Print binding and finishing worker

Of course, we had to take the good with the bad!

Kiplinger’s top criteria when deciding the worst job for the future as a textile machine worker was that 20,000 people needed to be employed for the profession. Not to mention that it involves manual labour and handiwork that will be replaced with automated processes.

What can I do to secure one of the best jobs for the future?

best jobs for the future

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You might have seen the lists and decided you want to pursue a career down one of those paths. However, if you’re already working and you currently work in a job on the second list, don’t fret!

Instead, you can look at your career from a different perspective. There will be a lot of transferable skills you’ll have picked up. 

However, it’s worthwhile bearing in mind that a lot of jobs in the future will be replaced due to automation.

And there’s no harm in picking up valuable skills that can help you transition into a new career if what you’re doing doesn’t work out.


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