If You're An Entrepreneur You Haven't Registered For Your TIN Number Yet, Read This First!

If You're An Entrepreneur You Haven't Registered For Your TIN Number Yet, Read This First!If You're An Entrepreneur You Haven't Registered For Your TIN Number Yet, Read This First!

Note - only for self-employed individuals!

Applying for a Tax Identification Number (TIN) has never been easier! Now you can register through the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). It’s the fastest to get your TIN number, so we’ll walk you through getting your BIR TIN number.


Who needs to apply for a BIR TIN number

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If you’re working, you’ll most likely need a TIN number. The list of people who need to have registered are:

  • Self-employed and mixed-income individuals
  • Individuals earning purely compensation income
  • Non-resident citizens
  • Overseas Foreign Workers
  • People registered under Executive Order 98


Why would I apply online?


If you do it manually, it can be more time consuming and costlier compared to registering online.

The relevant form would need to be completed – Form 1901 for mixed-income and self-employed individuals, Form 1902 for non-resident citizens, Form 1903 for corporations and partnerships, and Form 1904 for one-time taxpayers.

Then, you’d have to take the duly completed form with government-issued ID to your local Revenue District Office (RDO).


How do I apply for a BIR TIN number online?

If you’re already registered for a TIN number, don’t proceed as it’s illegal to have more than one TIN number!

To apply for a BIR TIN number, head over to the BIR registration page.

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Source: Bureau of Internal Revenue

At the BIR eReg page, complete all the details. Once you’ve double checked that everything is correct, hit submit. 

You’ll receive an email from the BIR with your TIN number. If you don’t see it in your inbox within an hour of completing the eReg process, check your spam folder.

And that’s it! Keep your new BIR TIN number safe and in a place you can retrieve on demand. It will be used on most business documents in the future. Even when you invest or conduct business, your TIN number will be required.

Please note that if you aren’t self-employed, you should register for your TIN number in person! You can do this by going through your local RDO or through your employer.


Freelancers and businessman can now benefit from registering online for their BIR TIN number! Share with any entrepreneurial friends who haven’t registered for their TIN number yet!

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