Budget Ideas For A Romantic Valentine’s Day Without Seeming Cheap

Budget Ideas For A Romantic Valentine’s Day Without Seeming CheapBudget Ideas For A Romantic Valentine’s Day Without Seeming Cheap

You can be romantic on a budget. Try these budget ideas for Valentine's Day that your partner will love without coming off as cheap.

Are you in a relationship with a partner who loves to celebrate Valentine’s Day? If your partner is the type who loves romantic gestures, then Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to display your affection.

But times are bad and we have to be realistic about that too. It’s wise to be prudent and austere to protect ourselves financially.

So, we’ve come up with a list of budget ideas for Valentine's Day for those of you who still want to impress your partner without seeming cheap!

Consider these 7 budget ideas for Valentine's Day this year!

1. Bring them for a picnic at a dog park

Does your other half LOVE dogs but doesn't have one themselves? Instead of sitting in a stuffy restaurant, all dressed up and feeling awkward as you dig into YET ANOTHER pre-arranged Valentine’s Day menu, why not go outdoors instead?

Pack a picnic. Make some of partner’s favourite foods and throw in a bottle of wine. Enjoy the evening out, dog-watching in nature. You might even get to take some cute shots with some pups!

2. Acts of service

Have you and your partner ever taken the 5 Love Languages quiz? If your partner ranked highest for acts of service, chances are, they would find it pretty damn romantic if you cleaned the whole house, did all the chores AND prepared dinner on Valentine’s Day.

It’s definitely one of the best budget ideas for Valentine's Day if your partner is the type who loves coming home to clean laundry and freshly changed sheets. (Even if acts of service doesn’t rank that high, anyone would appreciate such kind gestures!)

3. Recreate your first date

As long as your first date wasn’t chartering a private jet to fly your partner to Paris for dinner under the Eiffel tower, it’s safe to say this would fall under budget ideas for Valentine's Day.

It doesn’t have to be exactly down to the T. For instance, one of my exes recreated our first date by buying the same dishes we ate at Nando’s and presenting it in a poolside picnic on Valentine’s Day, costing him less than S$30 for dinner and wine.

4. Surprise them with an unexpected excursion

Perhaps you both have always discussed going to different places around town, rather than always frequenting the same haunts. Valentine’s Day is a great time to take them to the museum to see the latest exhibition, or to a local art gallery, or to a show.

Check out your local area for free plays or interesting visiting exhibitions. Some museums plan it so that there are appropriately themed exhibitions during Valentine’s Day. This would make for quite the romantic and unforgettable date experience.

5. Give back together

Valentine’s Day can be a rather meaningless and commercial holiday. Instead of buying into the hype and spending ridiculous amounts of money on food and flowers, give back to the community.

Whether it is volunteering at a shelter or visiting an old folks' home together, it is great to give this holiday some meaning. Pick a cause you are both passionate about, call up the organisation to set up the appointment, and give with all your hearts.

6. Bring the IKEA date cliche to life

If you’ve watched 500 Days of Summer with your partner and they mentioned how romantic it would be to have that iconic IKEA date, then this one’s for you.

It’s not something every couple is ready for or would enjoy, but it’s a great budget option. It would be nice to think about a future together with kids and what type of house you would like to have.

7. Couples who lift together, stay together

This is another niche idea for couples to try. Why not spend Valentine’s Day working out together rather than stuffing your faces? Couples who don’t work out together very often might find it quite a lonely activity.

You never know, by trying to work out together on Valentine’s Day, you might find that you both enjoy it very much. Then you can add that to the list of activities you both love to do together!


Do you have better budget ideas for Valentine's Day? Share them with us in the comments!

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Sarah Voon