6 Hilarious Differences Women And Men Have In Choosing A Car!

6 Hilarious Differences Women And Men Have In Choosing A Car!6 Hilarious Differences Women And Men Have In Choosing A Car!

Can you guess who makes the better car purchases?

The common misconception is that women are emotional buyers and are easily influenced by pretty colours. But research by Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence (KBB) has shown some really interesting results that are equally hilarious! The car sales by gender stats show that women aren’t as impulsive as people used to think!

Research shows car sales by gender isn’t so clear cut!

Everybody gets a bit anxious when it comes to buying cars. That might affect people’s buying habits. But we’ve listed six differences between men and women that show just how different these sexes are when it comes to their car buying habits! Buckle up, this might be a rocky ride if you’re a guy!

1. Time spent shopping

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Maybe this won’t come as a surprise, but women take longer when researching and shopping for a car. It was recorded that men have a median of 63 days compared to 75 days for ladies.

2. Men already know which car they want to buy

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When he sets his sights on something, it can be hard to budge! 1 in 5 men already know which specific vehicle they’re going to buy, while women are twice as likely to be unsure which is the next car that will be sitting in the driveway. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it gives women a lot more room to choose since they have kept their minds open any all the options on the market!

3. Women are less confident when buying a car

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It’s understandable why ladies feel more nervous when heading into the depths of car dealerships and financing deals since there can be so much uncertainty. Car salespeople trying to tack on additional extras, or not being able to negotiate the deal you want are common worries and problems that ladies face! 58 per cent of men reported feeling confident, while only 38 per cent of women could say the same. If you need help with this, check out our guide on some of the common mistakes ladies make when buying a car!

4. Women are better are finding more reliable cars than men

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One of the most interesting points that came up from KBB’s research is that men are a lot more conscious of their personal image. And the car apparently needs to reflect that as an extension of their achievements. This means cars men use tend to have a rugged and more aggressive interior and exterior styling. European coupes and luxury sedans are top of the wanted list for men.

On the other hand, ladies focus a lot more on durability, reliability, and affordability whilst being safe to drive. Non-luxury Asian SUV brands and sedans are ranked higher on commonly bought or wanted cars for female drivers.

5. Women look for more practical cars than men

car sales by gender

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According to KBB’s research, women said they looked for the practical benefits of the car. In fact, they’re more concerned with simple questions like “Can this car help me get from A to B?” and “How long will this car last me?”.

That’s not to say men don’t consider these factors either, but the self-conscious worry of image creeps in. Guys will ask themselves “Will I look good when I’m driving from A to B?”

Cue Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”!

6. Guy’s definition of success doesn’t mean the best car for them

Of course, EVERYONE wants a great deal when investing in a big financial commitment. It’s established that guys want their cars to look good and make them look good as well, kind of like clothes. But their version of success when buying a car? Getting the best deal.

Dealerships commonly witness these observations in action when they compare car sales by gender. Women normally prepare better than guys because of the uncertainty, and hence they’ll have a more concrete idea of what they’re looking for in a car. Even if they don’t know what the model is yet! If ladies are out for adventure and style, or simplicity and effectiveness, they’ll usually walk away with a car that matches these criteria. Whereas guys spend less time on the negotiating – they see, they barter, they conquer (or in their minds, they do anyway!)


Research from car sales by gender shows that women know their stuff when picking up a new set of wheels! If you agree, or even disagree with the points above, share with your friends and tell them why!

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