NEW Car Theft Method In Malaysia. Singaporean Drivers Beware!

Car thieves are always finding new ways to steal cars in Malaysia.

Singaporeans love going to Johor Bahru, especially during the weekends and holidays. Johor can be a great place to travel to, since it is nearby and everything is much cheaper!

But Johor is also one of the most dangerous states in Malaysia. JB’s Jalan Wong Ah Fook has long had a reputation for being the most dangerous street in Malaysia.

It is known for petty theft, accidents, drugs and more.

Yet it remains one of the most popular places for visitors to go to. Recently, a new car theft method has been discovered.

According to a netizen on a local Facebook page, the new method involves using plastic bottles.

Car theft Malaysia: Plastic water bottle method

Source: JOHOR MARI/Facebook

Thieves will wedge an empty plastic water bottle in between the wheel and the body of a parked car. Once the driver gets in, starts the car and starts moving, the bottle will be crushed, causing a loud noise.

The concerned driver will step out of the car to inspect the source of the noise. This is when the thieves will make their move.

With the engine running, the driver’s door ajar and the driver inspecting the noise, the thieves can rush into the car and drive off easily.

The report is said to be a warning from local police as Johor has one of the highest rates of car theft crimes.

Many of the targeted are Singapore cars.

Car theft Malaysia: Other popular methods

car theft malaysia

Singaporean drivers who bring their vehicles into Malaysia should also be aware of other popular car theft methods.

Another popular method used is the “oil spill” method. Thieves will pour oil on rarely used roads.

So when a car passes over the spill, someone on a motorbike will suddenly stop in front of the car or overtake the car very suddenly.

This will force the driver to brake. The car will skid and force the driver to bring the car to a total stop. The thieves will then make their move to remove the driver from the car or just rob the driver.

The “nails on the road” method is also another one used by thieves, but this is more for robbing the driver rather than stealing the car.

Thieves will throw nails on the road, causing the wheels of the car to be punctured. The driver will then stop and that is when the thieves will make their move to rob the driver of his possessions.

Whatever the method used, all drivers should stay vigilant while driving in Malaysia!


Know of any other popular car theft methods in Malaysia? Let us know in the comments.

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