Carousell Scam: Man Lost S$35,000 Rolex Watch To Carousell Buyer

Carousell Scam: Man Lost S$35,000 Rolex Watch To Carousell BuyerCarousell Scam: Man Lost S$35,000 Rolex Watch To Carousell Buyer

The scammers are so slick, you won’t even realise it till it’s too late.

Carousell is a popular marketplace app for many to buy and sell secondhand items. But unfortunately, through no fault of the app’s, sometimes, a Carousell scam, from buyers and sellers alike, arises.

According to The Straits Times, a 30-year-old property agent listed his S$35,000 Rolex watch on Carousell and met with an interested buyer.

He met the interested buyer, which is a common occurrence when shopping on Carousell.
But he later found out that the watch was swapped with a fake one during the meeting.

The man, who is known as Tang Guoxian, told Chinese-language newspaper Shin Min Daily News on January 24 he has made a police report about the alleged theft.

It seems Tang had planned to use the money to buy a house with his fiancee in Singapore.

The police has also confirmed that a report has been lodged and investigations are ongoing.

Carousell scam: Even regulars can fall victim

carousell scam

Tang also told another Chinese-language newspaper, Lianhe Wanbao, that he is an active Carousell user and would often list Rolex and Panerai watches for sale.

The interested buyer had contacted Tang on a Tuesday evening at around 5.45pm. Tang was busy at the time and told his fiancee to meet the buyer at the void deck of his Boon Keng Road home with the watch.

"After looking at the watch, he said that he needed some time to consider and then left in a hurry," Tang says.

His fiancee had recounted the meetup to Tang and said that the buyer insisted on placing the watch back into its box. His fiancee did not think too much of his request at the time.

However, he discovered the colour of the watch appeared different that night when he returned home. He added that it also felt lighter than usual.

Upon realising this, he tried to make contact with the buyer but to no avail. The buyer had also gone to great lengths to delete all his social media accounts.

Tracked down the Carousell scam buyer

carousell scam

But Tang refused to let it go. He was determined to track the buyer down. He went on the Internet and managed to find his home address and mobile number.

When he paid a visit to the flat, he met the buyer's mother at the door.

Apparently, she apologised profusely to Tang and even went on her knees to plead for forgiveness, he told Shin Min.

A man, who claimed to be the buyer's father, also told Shin Min that he was shocked to hear of the case.

He was quoted saying: "My son is a good person. My family is disappointed to hear of the claims made against him."

Be careful of Carousell scam buyers or sellers. Even the most seasoned shoppers and sellers on Carousell can fall victim to scams.

Source: The Straits Times


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