This Woman Travelled To all Countries Of The World In Record-Breaking Time — How Did She Afford It?

She's only the second ever woman to travel to every country in the world!

Many of us dream of travelling all around the world, but one woman took that dream and made it her reality. Cassie De Pecol travelled around the world in record-breaking time, and did it all by herself.

De Pecol, now 28, travelled to all 193 sovereign nations recognised by the UN — plus Taiwan, Palestine, and Kosovo.

cassie de pecol travel

Cassie De Pecol travel: At a desert in Dubai. (Source: cassiedepecol/Instagram)

She now holds two Guinness world records for her travels: the fastest person to travel all the nations, and the fastest person to travel all the nations (female).

De Pecol's journey, which she named "Expedition 196", took her 18 months and 26 days. The previous record-holder (Yili Liu) made the journey in 39 months and 6 days.

She started her journey on 24 July 2015, and ended it on 2 February 2017, spending 2 to 5 days in each country.

Cassie De Pecol travel: How did she fund her trip?

cassie de pecol travel

At the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. (Source: cassiedepecol/Instagram)

A trip around the world doesn't come cheap, even if all you do is stay in the cheapest hostels and eat only street food. De Pecol set out with only $10,000 she had saved up from two babysitting jobs and raised the rest of the money she needed from sponsors and investors. Her trip cost $111,000 all in all.

Running out of money and learning from her mistakes

She came across a huge obstacle when less than halfway through her trip, she ran out of money. "The money I had saved was gone," she told Money. "The only sponsorship funding I had obtained was gone and I embarrassingly had to just come back home."

De Pecol went back to the US for two weeks to raise funds, not even telling her closest friends that she had returned. After she had raised the money, she went off again, this time learning from her mistakes.

She learned how to budget her money with an Excel spreadsheet, which detailed how much she could spend in a week.

cassie de pecol travel

Source: cassidepecol/Instagram

“I’m not a money person,” De Pecol admitted. “I’ve never been great at keeping up with my finances, but on this trip I really learned to have to do that because I was the only one that was in control of it. It was up to me whether I failed or succeeded.”

De Pecol has some simple yet valuable advice for anyone who dreams of travelling world: save and budget.

“It’s really important to save 10% of every paycheck,” De Pecol said. “It’s important to have a cushion with money. I mean I’ve had nothing, and it’s a really terrible situation to not even be able to afford a meal when you’re hungry.”

She's also a firm believer in keeping a weekly budget that lets you have some wiggle room for unplanned adventures. And that's good advice for life in general, not just for wannabe globe-trotters!


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