You Won't Believe How Much These Celebrity Kids' Outfits Are Worth!

Celebrity kids aren't only known for their famous parents, but they're also known for being young fashionistas and trendsetters in their own right!

Having parents that are rich and famous definitely has a lot of perks. Aside from the fame and fortune associated with being celebrity kids, they also have access to the most stylish clothes and brands out there.

Join us as we take a look into what's inside the closets of these fabulous celebrity kids, and get to know their unique styles and how much their wardrobes are worth!

Celebrity kids and their fabulous outfits!

1. Blue Ivy Carter

celebrity kids


Jay-Z and Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy definitely has one of the most expensive wardrobes around.

The green Gucci dress she's wearing costs about US$1,790/S$2,446! And that's just for one outfit!

Though to be fair, if your parents were Jay-Z and Beyonce, then they would definitely spare no expense when it comes to dressing up their children.

2. North West

celebrity kids


Kim Kardashian is slowly grooming her daughter into a kid's fashion icon, and it definitely shows! Every time you see North West out and about, it seems like she's wearing a new outfit made by the trendiest of brands.

Some have even said that North West's style has set the bar high for kids' fashion at only 5 years of age!

Kim also shared some snaps of North's closet, and it's totally worth checking out!

And by the way, sources say that her entire wardrobe costs a whopping US$1 million! Can you even imagine having a wardrobe that expensive?

3. Harper Beckham

celebrity kids


There's no question that Harper Beckham, the daughter of David and Victoria Beckham is a bonafide fashionista.

She not only inherited her good looks from her parents, but she also got their sense of style. Both David and Victoria Beckham are widely known for being a fashionable power couple worldwide.

In this photo, she's wearing a US$544/S$743 jacket made by Burberry in the UK.

4. Jaden and Willow Smith

celebrity kids


Jaden and Willow Smith have been known to be very fashion forward when it comes to their style.

In fact, Jaden has worn a skirt for a Louis Vuitton campaign. And what he wore wasn't a skirt for men, it was designed for women, and Jaden totally rocked that outfit.

Jaden's current net worth is around $8 million, and his sister's net worth is around half of that at $8 million. So you can just imagine how much money they get to spend on the trendiest clothes.

5. Skyler Berman

celebrity kids


The son of top stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe, Skyler Berman is young, but well on his way to becoming a fashion icon.

Some of his outfits are outrageously expensive that even adult celebs might get envious of his wardrobe!

In his photo on the left, he's wearing a US$1200/S$1640 Gucci bomber jacket, and a pair of US$220/S$300 Hermes boots in his photo on the right!


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You Won't Believe How Much These Celebrity Kids' Outfits Are Worth!