Giving Back: Volunteer At These Places In Singapore To Do Your Part For The Community

Giving Back: Volunteer At These Places In Singapore To Do Your Part For The CommunityGiving Back: Volunteer At These Places In Singapore To Do Your Part For The Community

Always choose to do good.

In school, we are required to volunteer as part of the Community Improvement Programme. But beyond that, sometimes we forget about doing charity in Singapore.

It’s easy to get caught up in our own lives and the routine of it all. We get up, go to work, then come home. Rinse and repeat till the weekend where all we want to do is lie in bed all day.

But volunteering can be a very fulfilling task to participate in, especially on the weekends. Most of the time, volunteer work doesn’t have to take up the whole day.

Personally, I chose to volunteer with a secondhand retail charity shop. It only takes up a couple of hours of my time in a week. Sometimes, when they don’t need the extra hands, I get the week off.

Those couple of hours translate into a whole lot of happiness when I get to see people benefit firsthand from the charity shop.

Charity in Singapore can be an easy thing to get involved in. All you have to do is look for the right one that fits your values and principles.

So if you’re looking to take the plunge into volunteerism and charity in Singapore, then this list is for you.

Charity in Singapore: Places to volunteer at

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1. Willing Hearts

If food and solving starvation is one of the causes that speaks most to your heart, then volunteer for this soup kitchen. Volunteers will cook and distribute about 3,000 meals to the needy everyday.

Location: 11 Jalan Ubi Blk 6, #01-51, Kembangan – Chai Chee Community Hub, Singapore 409074
Contact: 6476 1098
Get in touch: Email them first.

2. Animal Shelters

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Love animals and want to see them get the best love and care possible? Then volunteering for one of these organisations will definitely be up your alley. SPCA, Animal Lovers League and Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter are some of the local animal shelters you can volunteer with.

SPCA: 31, Mount Vernon Road, Singapore 368054
Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter: Ericsson Pet Farm, 18 Pasir Ris Farmway 2
Animal Lovers League: 61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, Singapore 518232
Get in touch: Fill up the application form here (SPCA), here (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter), or here (Animal Lovers League).

3. St. Hilda’s Community Services

It is sad that one of the most neglected causes is old folks. They were the backbone of the country and they literally built our country to what it is today. But yet, today they are left forgotten and cast aside. Volunteer with St Hilda’s Community Services Centre to serve the old folks at Tanjong Rhu, Dakota Crescent and Old Airport Road.

Location: Blk 10 Jalan Batu #01-06 Singapore 431010
Contact: 6345 0054
Get in touch: Reach out to them here

4. Bright Vision Hospital

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A hospital doesn’t always have to be such a miserable place! Bring some joy and spread the love at a hospital by becoming a befriender, celebrating the patients’ birthdays, assisting in hair cutting services and bringing them on sponsored trips around Singapore.

Location: 5 Lorong Napiri, Singapore 547530
Contact: (65) 62485755
Get in touch: Register to become a volunteer here.

5. Movement for the Intellectually Disabled Singapore (MINDS)

MINDS is one of Singapore’s largest non-governmental organisations for the intellectually disabled. It has its own social enterprise, in which the intellectually disabled bake, make handicraft and learn how to man a shop.

If you become a regular volunteer, you become an assistant teacher or assistant training officer. If you’re looking to volunteer only on an ad-hoc basis, then you can participate in organising outings.

Location: 800 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149310 (and other branches)
Get in touch: Learn more by visiting their website here or email them.

6. Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Limited

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Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Limited is an organisation which provides counselling and support to teenagers with unplanned pregnancies. Become a mentor and provide emotional support to the teenagers if this is something you feel passionate doing. Otherwise, they are always on the lookout for monetary or in-kind donations. Beyond that, if you are in a position to provide employment to them or help to raise awareness about the cause, this is also very much welcome.

Location: 26 Jalan Klinik, #01-42/52, Singapore 160026
Contact: (65) 6375 2940
Hotline: 8111 3535
Get in touch: More info here.

7. Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2)

Imagine having to leave your home country, your family and the comfort of your culture just to earn a living for your loved ones? Charity in Singapore is not only about helping the locals but also about the foreigners residing in Singapore.

TWC2 advocates for the rights of migrant workers, promoting fair treatment and an improved policy framework through engagement with policy makers. TWC2 also provides assistance to workers by giving access to medical care and fair resolution of dispute cases.

Location: 5001 Beach Road, #09-86, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588
Contact: 6247 7001
Get in touch: Email them or visit their website.

8.  Singapore Children’s Society

If you love spending time with children and ensuring these innocent lives are protected, this is an organisation for you to volunteer at. The SCS runs services like bully-free campaigns and Tinkle Friend – a toll-free hotline for primary school children in need of a listening ear.

If you like listening to others voice their problems, you can volunteer to man the Tinkly Friend helpline. You can also volunteer to become a camp facilitator or tuition teacher.

Location: Blk 129 Bukit Merah View #01-174 S(150129) (and other centres)
Contact: 6278 7856
Get in touch: Fill up an application form here.

9. Just donate blood at a blood drive

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Did you know, for every blood donation, you get to save up to three lives, receive a free health checkup, reduce your risk of heart disease and burn calories? YUP. That sounds like quite a fair deal.

A few minutes of your time could add a lifetime of minutes to others, if you think about it.

To donate blood, keep up to date with the Singapore Red Cross Society. It runs a blood donor recruitment programme, where you can donate blood at any of the three blood-banks in Singapore. You can even look out for the blood-mobiles travelling around Singapore to donate blood on the go.

For more information on this and its locations, check out it out here.

10.  Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish Foundation famously grants the wishes of children with life-threatening conditions. The aim is to give them the strength to fight their illnesses and also to leave them with great memories. This is a global organisation and a wish is granted every 30 minutes worldwide.

If you think of yourself like a Fairy Godmother of sorts and would like to play a part in granting wishes, you can either sign up as a general volunteer or a wish granter.

General volunteers use their skills and expertise to help in the office, while wish granters are involved in the wish granting journey of a child. You can also volunteer to hold fundraising events or give in-kind donations which grants a child’s wishes, as well as monetary donations.

Location: 1 Coleman Street, #04-18 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803
Contact: +65-6334-WISH (9474)
Get in touch: Find out how to grant a wish here.

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What other charity in Singapore do you support? Let us know in the comments. 

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