Durian Season: Now Durians Priced At Only RM1 - Quickly, Go Buy!

Durian Season: Now Durians Priced At Only RM1 - Quickly, Go Buy!Durian Season: Now Durians Priced At Only RM1 - Quickly, Go Buy!

Only RM1????

As we all know, the rules of demand and supply control prices. When there is too much demand and little supply, prices skyrocket. Conversely, when supply is in overload and demand is the same, prices start to plummet. It is durian season now, which means it’s a great time to buy cheap durians because they’re all over the place!!

How cheap, you ask?

Well, is RM1 (S$0.33) cheap enough for you? 

Yup, that’s right, durian lovers. Durian season means there is an oversupply of durians in the market right now and sellers are starting to drop their prices to as low as RM1 to sell off their stock before the fruit goes bad!

Durian season: Where to buy cheap durians

cheap durians

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If you’re looking for these cheap durians, you will find it in Kulim, Johor. Durian seller Aizawati Abdul Latib, sells her durian stock at only RM1! 

Of course, she says it doesn’t take long for the RM1 durians to be sold out. People start queuing up in the morning even though the sale only starts at 3pm and within 15 minutes, she’s sold out of the RM1 durians!

According to an interview with Bernama, the durian seller only sells a certain type of durians at this price. The durians sold at RM1 are typically the smaller varieties but the quality is good and the taste is delicious, she says. Bigger durians go for RM3 and RM8, depending on its species.

cheap durians

Source: Facebook

You can also find cheap durians in Butterworth. The Musang King durian typically goes from about RM50 to RM125 per kilogram depending on the season. 

But a seller in Butterworth slashes his prices to only RM28 per kilogram of Musang King durian (one of the most valuable species of durian). This has been the longest durian season in northern Malaysia.

“The wholesalers are sending us durian twice a day. We are now desperate to sell as fast as we can because we are committed to take their stock daily,” he said.

The season began in March, with the price of Musang King durians hovering around RM65 per kilogram, down from RM125 per kg last year.


Want to get your cheap durians? Better do it quickly! Durian season is almost over. 

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