This Man Sells Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice For Only S$0.40 (RM1.30)!

This Man Sells Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice For Only S$0.40 (RM1.30)!This Man Sells Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice For Only S$0.40 (RM1.30)!

Since we're #foreverbroke, here are some cheap eats to try.

There isn’t much you can really buy for S$0.40. Not in Singapore, anyway. But if you’re a frequent traveller into Malaysia, you might want to consider driving up to Ipoh to enjoy a plate of bean sprouts chicken rice for only S$0.40. Cheap food in Malaysia is aplenty, but it doesn’t really get much cheaper than S$0.40! 

So if you’re looking for cheap food in Malaysia, here are the few spots worth visiting:

1. Taman Ipoh Timur Baru – Nasi Ayam Tauge (S$0.40 or RM1.30)

cheap food in Malaysia

Source: Facebook/Jom Makan

The owner of this chicken rice stall, Shahrizan Azmed, says that he holds on to the principle of charity in business. He hopes that by giving people more affordable meals, the underprivileged can afford to eat out. 

2. Kulim, Kedah – Mixed rice (S$0.65 or RM2)

cheap food in Malaysia

Source: Facebook/Nasi Campur Makcik Seringgit

This stall is famously known as Nasi Campur Makcik Seringgit. The owner, a Malay woman who goes by the name, Haliza, opened her stall along Jalan Pondok Labu in Kulim and offers meals and drinks from only RM1.

cheap food in Malaysia

Source: Facebook/Nasi Campur Makcik Seringgit

“The budget price for a set of rice dish is RM2 and the drinks are only RM1. I sell at these prices because I feel for the students who do not have a big budget for food,” the owner told a local media outlet. 

3. Sungai Petani, Kedah  – Grilled chicken rice (S$0.33 or RM1)

cheap food in Malaysia

Source: Bernama

Surayani Mohd Nasir, owner of this grilled chicken rice stall, sells a single serving of chicken rice for only RM1. The 39-year-old single mother understands the predicament that low-income earners face to support their families.

She says she needs about 100kg of rice and 100 chickens daily to meet the growing demands of her customers.

4. Jalan Jubli Perak, Kajang  – Fried rice (S$0.65 or RM2)

cheap food in Malaysia

Source: Lowyat Forum

For just RM2, one can have a hearty meal of nasi goreng kampung topped with a fried egg at Hai Eng Kopitiam in Jalan Jubli Perak ( Kajang ).

Coffee shop owner Tang Teng Hai, 66, throws in chunks of chicken and slivers of sliced cabbage into every plate of the fried rice that he prepares individually for his customers. and only sells 80 plates a day. 

5. Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur – Kuih or mee goreng (S$0.65 or RM2)

cheap food in malaysia

Source: Flickr

Random stalls opened by Malay aunties (or mak ciks) is where you would go to find cheap eats. If you’re on a budget, a packet of mee goreng or mihun goreng will only set you back RM2. And you can get an assortment of kuih for only RM1 from these roadside stalls. 


Know where else you can get cheap food in Malaysia? Let us know in the comments! 

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