Wealth Predictions For Chinese New Year 2018: Will You Be Richer In The Year Of The Dog? (Part 1 of 2)

Will the stars bless you on the Year of the Dog?

The Year of the Dog is almost upon us, with Chinese New Year on February 16. What could the Year of the Dog have in store for you? Maybe we should consult the stars (i.e. your Chinese New Year 2018 horoscope).

Here are Your Chinese Astrology horoscopes for 2018:


Those born during the Year of the Rat will get most of their income from their jobs, and their salaries will be pretty much ideal. But if you're an entrepreneur, you might have worse luck. Things could be a little rough for you this year.

Your family might also cause your financial troubles this year — pay attention to their daily expenses to make sure they don't overspend. Teach your elderly parents how to avoid scams or else they might lose a lot of money.

Be careful when making investments because you'll be prone to unexpected losses.


Unfortunately, this year won't be too kind to you. You'll have pretty bad luck when it comes to money, and it'll be hard for you to save money because of your many expenditures.

Long-term partners are likely to betray you and cause you to lose a lot of money. Pay attention to your relationships — both romantic and platonic. Don't be quick to loan your money to friends and relatives. If you do, make them sign a written contract to avoid arguments in the future.

But if you're an entrepreneur catering to women, you might get good income. However, instead of counting on your business, you should put more efforts in your job — a regular salary will help you during these trying times.


You'll have pretty good luck this year, especially if you're an office worker. As long as you put in the work, you'll get recognition this year and you'll see the effects of your work in your paycheck.

But if you're a businessman, you should be a little careful. Don't be too quick to make business decisions lest you lose a lot of money. You're more prone to disputes and financial losses this year.


You'll be pretty popular with your customers this year. If you're involved in marketing, you'll see a sharp increase of revenue thanks to the influx of customers. Your career will develop smoothly, making it more likely for you to gain a promotion and salary increase.

You might experience some financial losses, but nothing too significant. Make a charitable donation at the beginning of the year to ward off this bad luck.


Unfortunately, your finances won't do too well this year. This is why you should cut down on your spending and concentrate on saving. Choose safer investments instead of high-risk products.

Though you might have a hard time at work, be aware that if you switch jobs, you're likely to suffer some financial losses. If you're planning on starting a business, you might have a hard time, particularly when it comes to raising enough capital. Be thorough with your plans and wait until you're truly ready.


When it comes to finances, this year will be your year. If you deal with customers directly, you'll gain more. If you're an entrepreneur, innovate according to market trends and you'll see a significant increase in your market share, doubling your income.

However, you're prone to making mistakes when it comes to investments this year. Be careful and don't listen to just anyone when it comes to investing. Shy away from high-interest, high-risk investments.

Also, don't get overexcited with this influx of money and get carried away with your spending. Live within your means and you'll be good for the year.

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