THIS Is The Best Time To Book Your Christmas Holidays This Year, According To Travel Sites

THIS Is The Best Time To Book Your Christmas Holidays This Year, According To Travel SitesTHIS Is The Best Time To Book Your Christmas Holidays This Year, According To Travel Sites

It's not too late to start booking your Christmas getaway!

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”…wise words by Meredith Wilson! There are only 13 weeks left until the festive season. If you’re thinking of jetsetting for Christmas getaways, we have good and bad news for you! 

Skyscanner released some research that was mind-boggling. The bad news? Travellers can expect to pay up to 34% more to fly during December. The great news? The best time to book is right now!

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What?? You mean booking Christmas getaways during December is THAT expensive?

christmas getaways

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You bet! Airlines don’t take too kindly to people with their last-minute booking shenanigans! You might have been planning for ages but for one reason or another, you couldn’t decide until a week before you fly. The markup is real!

  • Manila, Philippines – 33.89%
  • Seoul, South Korea – 7.56%
  • Tokyo, Japan – 10.49%
  • Taipei, Taiwan – 6.25%
  • Bangkok, Thailand – 10.54%

Travel search engine Kayak showed that there isn’t one sure fire time to book your tickets for all destinations. For Seoul and Tokyo, they recommend five months in advance, while you can save money flying to Bangkok booking only one month in advance.

Which might be great since statistics show 23% of Singaporeans book their holidays a month in advance! 

But what about this Christmas?

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If you’re thinking of going away for this Christmas, don’t fret. We’ve got stats that should help you travel within budget to your dream holiday destination!

  • Best month to book: October
  • Best week to book: week commencing Oct, 8
  • Worst week to book: week commencing Dec, 10

That’s right – the time to strike is now! You can save up to 74% off popular destinations like Tokyo! 

To really press the point, here are the prices you pay 

Difference between best week (Oct, 8) vs worst week (Dec, 10)

  • Manila, Philippines – S$420 (42%)
  • Seoul, South Korea – S$835 (74%)
  • Tokyo, Japan – S$251 (24%)
  • Bangkok, Thailand – S$75 (18%)

Imagine saving S$835 by booking two months in advance. Crazy!

christmas getaways

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Difference between Oct vs Dec

  • Manila, Philippines – S$308 (53%)
  • Seoul, South Korea – S$200 (20%)
  • Tokyo, Japan – S$130 (14%)
  • Bangkok, Thailand – S$62 (19%)

Overall, it’s more expensive booking in December, which is pretty much Christmas time. Goes to show if you know you’re going somewhere at the ebd of the year, don’t forget the best time to book for Christmas getaways is October – right now!


Bottom line is – don’t book your holiday one week before flying, or you’ll have nothing to spend when you land! Share with your friends who ALWAYS book last minute!

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