Christmas Shopping As A Cheap Person: This Hilarious Video Is So Relatable It Almost Hurts

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When it comes to Christmas shopping as a cheap person, the struggle is too real.

If you can successfully navigate the Christmas season with your budget intact, then good on you. But not all of us have the organizational skills or the willpower to not overspend during the holidays. Who can resist all the pretty lights and the festive music?

In this video from 2016, Canadian comedian Lilly Singh shares her thoughts on Christmas shopping as a cheap person:

“You know who hates Christmas?


Because December done finished all my money, and now poor January is cuddling up trying to warm up a can of soup on a candle.

January is taking a shower with wet wipes.

January is broke, which is why I like to be a cheap person during the holidays—and in life in general"

If you’re a “cheap” person like Lilly, you probably understand how few things compare to the thrill of finding deals (no matter how shady they seem) or loopholes in The System (hello, return policies!). And who hasn’t overspent on things they didn’t really need just to reach the minimum amount to get free shipping?

Watch Lilly’s hilarious video on Christmas shopping for cheap people below:

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