CNY Ang Pow Guide 2018: How Much To Give This Year

CNY Ang Pow Guide 2018: How Much To Give This YearCNY Ang Pow Guide 2018: How Much To Give This Year

Wondering how much is appropriate to give out in ang pows for Chinese New Year this Dog Year? Follow this CNY Ang Pow Guide 2018.

There are no rules for how much you should put in ang pows to give out during Chinese New Year. But for young married couples, especially those giving out ang pows for the first time, it would be good to refer to the CNY Ang Pow Guide 2018.

You really don’t have to give out that much. But you don’t want to be putting in a weird number that might be a faux pas in Chinese culture.

The general rule of thumb is to avoid any amount with the number 4. But 8 is acceptable and even auspicious. Otherwise, it’s up to you how much ang pow you want to give to your friends and family.

If you're still feeling a little lost, this guide might help you.

Here is Asian Money Guide’s CNY Ang Pow Guide 2018 for those of you who need a little help deciding!

cny ang pow guide 2018

CNY Ang Pow Guide 2018

Who You're Giving How Much To Give Why This Amount
Parents/In-laws/Grandparents $250 - $800 Out of everyone, parents should get the most as a sign of respect.
Husband to Wife $200 - $500 Husbands can opt to give their wives ang pows and vice versa. But this isn’t common practice in modern households anymore.
Siblings $50 - $200 Depending on how old your siblings are and whether they are working, this is a safe and reasonable amount to give.
Own children $50 - $200 Some parents choose to give more, but this is a general amount that most parents give.
Cousins/Nieces/Nephews $10 - $20 They are not immediate family members, therefore can be given lower ang pow amounts.
Friends/Children of friends $2 - $8 As these are people who you would give the most out to (assuming you have a small family), you might want to keep the budget lower for this.


Do you think the Asian Money Guide's CNY Ang Pow Guide 2018 reflects reasonable ang pow amounts? Let us know in the comments. 

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