How Much Does It Cost To Produce A Lamborghini Aventador

Though specific numbers will never be revealed by Lamborghini, the cost of producing a Lamborghini does explain its steep price tag.

Lamborghinis are not just cars. Nor are they simply supercars. They are masterpieces, works of art that zip through our streets.

Each Lamborghini is made with exact precision and only few cars are sold a year. Its steep price tag has left many wondering how much could it possibly cost to produce a Lamborghini.

Like limited pieces of art, all Lamborghinis are built by hand with high end composites. This is done in a factory that requires its workers to have specialized training.

A lot of money is pumped into research and development behind its engineering genius, and not so much from the production itself. Thus, inflating the cost of the car.

This is according to Steve Neill, an internationally accredited car designer, artist, photographer and journalist.

Cost to produce a Lamborghini Aventador

cost to produce a lamborgini

Lamborghinis are produced in low volume to maintain the ‘prestige’ of the Lamborghini name.

At the same time, the car must also pass all safety regulations, crash tests, emissions and design regulations in most countries around the world. This is a hugely expensive undertaking.

This would likely take up one-third of the cost of every car produced by Lamborghini. The other two-thirds then come from production, cost of parts, shipping, training for the construction of the vehicle, and other factors.

Neill believes it likely costs around US$350,000 to engineer and produce the car.

However, since many Lamborghini owners would like their cars custom-made, it will likely cost around US$500,000 before taxes.

Paying for the luxury supercar

cost to produce a lamborgini

In the US, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of an Aventador is about US$393,695.

Of course, dealers will be selling it at a markup. But they don’t actually make very much considering the cost of production is already about US$350,000.

So you don’t have to worry about your dealer trying to swindle you when you have a gauge of how much it costs.

Do keep in mind that this is all in the US. In Singapore, you still have to consider the certificate of entitlement (COE) on top of the cost.

Don’t forget to include taxes, motor insurance and other variable costs of owning a car in Singapore.


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