Movie Title Crazy Rich Asians Is Just... 'Crazy Rich' In Other Countries

Movie Title Crazy Rich Asians Is Just... 'Crazy Rich' In Other CountriesMovie Title Crazy Rich Asians Is Just... 'Crazy Rich' In Other Countries

When other people get offended on your behalf!

Released just over a week ago on Aug 15, Crazy Rich Asians is a great success. It’s rated 93% on Rotten Tomatoes (dropping slightly from the 100% score it was given shortly after its first showing!). The premise is about an Asian lady who grew up in the US finding out what contemporary Asia is like. But thanks to an sharp-eyed fellow Asian, a small discrepancy came to light about the movie’s title.

Crazy Rich…Asians?

crazy rich asians film title

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In Germany, it was spotted that marketing and promotions for Crazy Rich Asians had shortened the title to just “Crazy Rich”. This weird change in the comedy’s film title was spotted by a freelance illustrator, BoFeng Lin, who lives in Germany, Hamburg.

On his social media accounts, he shared what he found.

“Not only can’t I watch #crazyrichasians in my city in Germany, they also removed the word ‘Asians’ from the title. Why Germany? #wtfgermany”.

We found out later that it wasn’t just Germany who did this, but Italy as well!

As word got around, other German fans excited about Crazy Rich Asians also took to social media to complain about the strange move by the marketing companies. One Youtube comment accurately says,”Why is the movie called Crazy Rich and not Crazy Rich Asians? I mean, after all, it’s about rich Asians”.

crazy rich asians film title

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Crazy Rich Asians title controversy

Jon M. Chu’s film adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s novel faced problems before it was released. Because Hollywood execs were worried the film title was controversial, the director was asked to change it. Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment, Chu explained why he stuck with the novel’s original title.

“People wanted to change the name of the movie. But the book is called Crazy Rich Asians. It’s a provocative title. I think it creates conversation, which I think is good”.

Additionally, Hollywood execs also told Chu it would be impossible to get an all Asian cast. What they meant was that the film wouldn’t be successful if the lead roles were Asian!

We’re glad to report that Crazy Rich Asians continues to exceed all expectations. Even more so with this hoo-ha about offending people with what the film is called! It’s raked in US$45 million at the box office.


Sorry if the advertising was confusing, German and Italian fans. Still the same movie!

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