$700,000 Crazy Rich Asians Rolex Was FLOWN In With Less Than 48 Hours Notice

$700,000 Crazy Rich Asians Rolex Was FLOWN In With Less Than 48 Hours Notice$700,000 Crazy Rich Asians Rolex Was FLOWN In With Less Than 48 Hours Notice

They had less than 48 hours to get the watch to the location for shooting!

The Crazy Rich Asians success in the box office is proving to be far better than anyone could have anticipated. And with the success of the movie reaching all ends of the world, new stories surrounding the making of the movie keep popping up too. In the latest news is the $700,000 Rolex luxury watch featured in a pivotal scene in Crazy Rich Asians. The Crazy Rich Asians Rolex actually belongs to a Singaporean watch collector!

Crazy Rich Asian Rolex flown in with less than 48 hours notice

crazy rich asians rolex

Source: Wind Vintage

So, if you’ve watched the movie, and have totally fallen in love with Astrid (like us!), you will definitely remember the scene with the Rolex in it. 

Rolex watches have always been seen as a status symbol of sorts. So it is only befitting that a rare and expensive Rolex should be featured in a movie such as Crazy Rich Asians. 

According to Eric Wind, the man responsible for making the appearance of the watch happen, the Rolex is an incredibly valuable watch. 

The Rolex is a “Paul Newman” reference 6263 – known as the “Panda” to watch collectors. Its distinct white and black dial resembes the face of a panda with no red Daytona or accents on it.

If you look carefully at its face, it also says “Oyster” on the dial, giving it a secondary moniker “Oyster Newman”. According to Wind, “Of the 6 different reference models of Paul Newman Daytona in steel with a white dial (6239, 6241, 6262, 6263, 6264, and 6265), the 6263 is the most valuable model with an approximate value of $500,000 at the time (of shooting) and $600,000+ today. This particularly watch has a “Mark 2” dial and is among the last “Paul Newman” Daytonas watches made.”

Owner of the Crazy Rich Asians Rolex is Singaporean

crazy rich asians rolex

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

But the watch was not in Wind’s possession. Instead, he had to make multiple calls to collectors and manufacturers to find the perfect watch for the movie. Here’s the catch: he only had 48 hours to get the watch on location in Kuala Lumpur to shoot the scene. 

His final call was to his friend, Eric Ku, a long-time friend based in California. Ku, thankfully, knew of the perfect watch and was close enough to be brought to Kuala Lumpur for shooting in less than 48 hours. 

Ku called up his collector friend in Singapore, who graciously agreed to loan his watch for shooting. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

The Rolex was flown in from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur just in time for shooting the pivotal scene, and was returned to its rightful owner within three days. 

Pierre Png, who plays Astrid’s husband in the movie, told Forbes in a recent interview that one of the highlights of being involved in the film was “wearing a Paul Newman Rolex Daytona for the movie!”


Did you like the Crazy Rich Asians Rolex watch scene? We thought it was a very meaningful scene in the movie. If you haven’t seen Crazy Rich Asians yet, better catch it quickly!

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