Money Origami: The Art Of Folding Money To Make It Pretty

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Thinking of gifting money to someone? Try folding money origami so it makes for a pretty and practical gift that they will love.

Once, my sister had this brilliant idea of gifting our mother money for her birthday. She wanted to give her a bouquet of cash.

That sounded like it would be quite a lot of money to have to fold. But once we got into the groove of things, it was quite fun to do.

And our mother loved the gift, of course. #AsianExpectations

There are actually quite a number of shapes you could fold money into, like a t-shirt, a heart, a flower and more.

Here are some creative ways to fold money for a gift: 

1. Money Origami T-Shirt

Folding an origami t-shirt is actually not too complex. This simple tutorial video will teach you how to do one in under 4 minutes!

creative ways to fold money for a gift

2. Money Origami Ring

If you like it then you should put a ring on it! What better way to gift a person money than to show them everlasting love with an origami ring?

creative ways to fold money for a gift

3. Money Origami Dress

When gifting your fashionista friends, learn how to fold an origami dress. In fact, you can fold them a whole origami collection of clothes!

creative ways to fold money for a gift

4. Money Origami Star

This would make for such a cool Christmas ornament. Can you imagine your Christmas tree all decked out in beautiful origami stars? Tip: Try to get currencies from all over the world to make it even more colourful!

creative ways to fold money for a gift

5. Money Origami Heart

The origami heart is actually one of the easiest origami folds. It is also a great way for you to gift money if you’re looking to do so. Otherwise, it also works well to make your cash savings look good.

creative ways to fold money for a gift

6. Money Origami Christmas Tree

Up your Christmas decoration levels by including origami Christmas trees!
creative ways to fold money for a gift

7. Money Origami Flower

One thing about gifting someone flowers is that it is normally a waste of money. But when you gift them a bouquet of origami flowers, the flowers will never die!
creative ways to fold money for a gift


What other shapes do you think money origami would look pretty in? Let us know in the comments. 

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