Boyfriend Used HER Friend’s Credit Card To Pay For Sex Services Online

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A Singaporean girl found out her boyfriend was using her friend’s credit card to pay for sex services online. What a scumbag of a person.

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What would you do if you found out your other half, love of your life, boyfriend of your dreams, actually used your friend’s credit card to pay for sex services online?

In a retelling of her horrific relationship experience, a Singaporean girl (who remains anonymous) spills all to HerWorld writer Davelle Lee.

She recounts meeting Philip* through mutual friends in town. She thought of him to be the ‘nice guy’ of the group.

“He seemed genuine and sweet, and we got along well,” she shares.

The start of something new

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The next day after that fateful night in 2012, Philip asked her out for a casual dinner date. He suggested grabbing a bowl of bak chor mee in a hawker centre.

For a first date, it seemed pretty down-to-earth and easygoing. “I threw on something effortless to match. Little did I expect that he would pull up at my place in a shiny sports car, stepping out in a blinding floral print button-down shirt. I tried to mask my abhorrence with a polite smile,” this Singaporean girl adds.

“I really enjoyed our night and liked Philip a lot.”

They dated through summer and when summer break came to end, they both went overseas to study.

A fairytale romance

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Philip was in Europe, maintaining their courtship from afar. Winter break came and Philip bought a plane ticket for her to fly over to be with him. There, he took her to a castle and asked him to be his girlfriend.

WHO would say no to that?

Despite the long-distance relationship, it seemed like something that would work out. Philip came from a good, religious family and gave her access to all of his social media accounts.

It seemed like total transparency. Philip even told her what his mum would say about her (yes, even all the bad stuff)!

In a desperate attempt to try to appease his mother, she would check his messages with his mum and “subsequently, avoid behaviours that (his mother) deemed unbecoming”.

The next winter, Philip flew her over to Europe again for another holiday (this man should have sounded too good to be true, at this point!).

Cracks started to show

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While he was in the shower, the Singaporean girl decided to go through his messages and found a chat window open from some woman with a European-sounding name.

She had sent him provocative photos of herself. Upon further snooping, Singaporean girl found another woman sending her boyfriend photos and videos.

She confronted him when he got out of the shower. He brushed it off, saying he had met these girls while on an exchange programme.

“At this point, any normal woman would cry 'PANTS ON FIRE' and launch into a full interrogation. But not me. No, I really trusted Philip.

If he said they were just friends, then they were just friends. He could have told me that they were sexy cyborgs sent from the future to save all of mankind and I might have believed him,” Singaporean girl pours her heart out.

Blind trust has its limits

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It was just a few days later, shit really hit the fan.

“We were still holidaying when Philip’s housemate and good friend of mine, Wesley*, called me up.

'You won’t believe this but your boyfriend used my credit card to pay for LiveJasmin,' he said.”

Philip had asked Wesley if he could borrow his credit card to buy a plane ticket which he didn’t want his mother to know about. He said he wanted to visit his sister in another part of Europe.

Wesley agreed.

But when the credit card bill came, the truth was revealed. “Philip spent the money on online live-streaming sex services!” Wesley exclaimed.

Wesley sent screenshots of his credit card bill as proof.

The minute Singaporean girl had a moment on her own (when Philip was once again in the hotel room shower), she bought an air ticket home, packed her luggage and walked out.

But it doesn’t end there... He used credit card to pay for sex services

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She blocked all forms of communication with Philip. Later, she would find out that he had bought flight tickets to Romania to visit one of the women he’d been in contact with.

“I successfully buried the horror of our relationship for two years, until recently I heard from our mutual friends that he had been going around telling everyone that he had dumped me and that I begged for him to take me back.”

Wow. What a total scumbag.

So, Ms Singaporean Girl’s choice of poison for revenge was writing this into HerWorld. Boy, you messed with the wrong girl eh?


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