Instagram Famous 'Datuk' Throws The Most Expensive Party Ever For His 21st Birthday

Instagram Famous 'Datuk' Throws The Most Expensive Party Ever For His 21st BirthdayInstagram Famous 'Datuk' Throws The Most Expensive Party Ever For His 21st Birthday

Where was our invitation?

For most of us, our 21st birthday is something to remember. But for Datuk Muhammad Saiful Muhamad Ali, his big day was for EVERYONE to remember. He even made a video tracking all the events of the day, which was fit for royalty!

The most elaborate 21st birthday celebration ever?

datuk 21st birthday

Source: Facebook

The young Datuk originally posted his birthday celebration video in 2016. However, he recently reposted the short video on his FaceBook page, which has garnered 424,000 views as of today.

Produced by Golden Dreams GDU Film Style Videography, the clip begins with Datuk Saiful travelling on a private jet with his father. They are smoking cigars and drinking cocktails served by beautiful air stewardesses. Following their luxurious trip and safe landing, they are greeted by a large security detail. At this juncture, the young datuk enters a swish Rolls Royce, where the detail promptly escorts the birthday boy to his destination.

In the meantime, guests entering and waiting for the datuk’s grand entrance are entertained by a variety of performances, including belly dancers, musicians and cosplayers. The exact number of people attending are hard to count, but it looks like the entire function hall was packed!

datuk 21st birthday

Source: FaceBook

He is greeted like a celebrity followed by a long line of family and friends. After he entertains the guests with some anecdotes, everyone remains in good cheer throughout the night. The cake is surprisingly low-key relative to the rest of the night.

datuk 21st birthday

Source: FaceBook

Furthermore, the young datuk is fed by his elders, and he, in turn, feeds his juniors as per tradition.

Everyone gets their dance moves out as they celebrate long into the night.

Success from a young age

Even though he’s clearly enjoyed himself, life has been an interesting twist of events for Muhammad Saiful Muhamad Ali. Since he received the prestigious Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang award in 2015, his social media following exploded. From his Instagram, he shares photos of his car collection the most. The Star notes that he states he is a director of various businesses including convenience stores, scrap metal, a car wash and a recording studio.


Everyone dreams big in different ways. Datuk Muhammad Saiful Muhamad Ali shows how to celebrate in style, in case you need inspiration for your future do’s!

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