Earn A Salary Of Almost $6,000 Per Month If You Take A Degree In Marijuana

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Would you study the business of marijuana?

Most of us get our degrees in Business or Communications or Law or something generic like that. And when we finally finish our four years of university education, we get thrown out into the real world and earn a salary of about $2,000 (if we’re lucky). Not many of us would think of getting a weird degree (like a degree in marijuana, for instance).

Even if you’re a doctor or a lawyer, your starting pay is going to be pretty low for the first few years. It only gets better with many years of experience. 

However, as marijuana is becoming legalised in more countries around the world for medicinal purposes, there is a growing demand for those who have expertise in marijuana. 

Degree in marijuana

degree in marijuana

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It’s only natural that a degree in marijuana would have made its way into the world with the legalisation of it in many states in the US as well as other countries around the world.

The Northern Michigan University is offering a degree in marijuana called medicinal plant chemistry. And it pays well once you graduate!

“All of our graduates are going to be qualified to be analysts in a lab setting,” Brandon Canfield, the associate professor of analytical chemistry who started the programme, tells CNBC Make It. That could lead to a position that pays $70,000 right out of school, he adds.

Of course, students actually have to graduate first and not every stoner kid can apply and qualify for this course. The programme includes horticultural studies, while combining chemistry, biology, marketing and financial management.

So it’s no easy course!

Not the only college to offer degree in marijuana

degree in marijuana

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There are other colleges and universities in the US which offer classes or certificates in marijuana policy and law, but Northern Michigan is the first to offer the first four-year degree dedicated to the science and business of growing marijuana (legally, of course). 

Canfield designed the curriculum for the programme after attending the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting last year and hearing about the need for analytical chemists.

“We’ve had an overwhelming response from growing operations, dispensaries and other businesses who want to take on our students as interns,” Canfield said.

Sources: cnbc.com, nypost.com


Who knew a degree in marijuana would come in handy? Would you take this course yourself? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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