Elderly Accused Of Dine-And-Dashing At More Than 10 Restaurants In One Month

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He lives off his CPF income but it seems he can barely afford his daily meals.

We know that dining out can be expensive. Heck, even buying groceries to cook at home can be very costly. But at least, we don’t have to resort to dine-and-dashing. 

Unfortunately, not all of us have the privilege of earning well. Not everyone can afford to have decent meals everyday. With the rising prices and stagnant income, many folk are suffering. 

One of such people is 61-year-old Cai Qingfeng. The man, who is accused of dine-and-dashing at over 10 establishments in Singapore, feels the pinch of living in expensive Singapore.



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According to eyewitnesses, Cai is often spotted roaming around Sun Plaza in shorts and a t-shirt. He would order a meal then try to avoid paying for the meal.

This has reportedly happened at more than 10 restaurants in just a month. He is said to sneak out of restaurants without paying when the staff are not paying attention, according to a report by Shin Min Daily News.

An employee from Lao Huo Tang even said that they had extended Cai’s debt to be put on tab after realising he couldn’t afford to pay for this meal.

However, they did not expect him to return on the same day, asking for another “free” meal and stayed on the premises, refusing to leave for 30 minutes. The restaurant owner eventually had to offer him free food in order to coax him into leaving.

He has dine-and-dashed at over 10 establishments


Source: Shih Min Daily News

To date, Cai has racked up a ‘food debt’ of over $300. However, after an interview with Shih Min Daily News, it was found that he does so simply because he can barely afford to get by. 

In his interview, he claims that he wasn’t dining for free, and that he planned to pay back the establishments when he has the money. 

He also expressed gratitude towards the establishments that extended credit. 

Cai admits that that he has been surviving on his monthly Central Provident Fund (CPF) payouts, but it was barely enough. 

He had lost his job of 10 years as a driver, after he was involved in a fatal accident last year, in which a cyclist was killed. He was jailed for 49 days and was suspended from driving.

Since then, money has been tight for him. 


We hope that Cai can stop the dine-and-dashing soon and be offered a proper job so he can afford his daily meals. But we also commend the restaurants that have extended such kindness and compassion towards this man. 

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