Happy Singaporean Couple Gets A Divorce To Make More Money. This Is Their Secret

Happy Singaporean Couple Gets A Divorce To Make More Money. This Is Their SecretHappy Singaporean Couple Gets A Divorce To Make More Money. This Is Their Secret

How far would you go to make money?

Most couples get a divorce because the relationship is not working out. It could be that one party has been unfaithful or that the two simply can’t get along.

In some cases, they marry for money and one party benefits from the other in a divorce.

But not many couples would get a divorce just to buy a second home. Wondering what are we talking about?

Well, recently, a guy posted a story on Facebook about his friend getting a divorce so that him and his (ex)wife could purchase a second HDB flat in Singapore.

divorce hdb

Source: Facebook

divorce hdb

Source: Facebook

According to the story, as written by an account on Facebook by the name Manfred Man, his friend and wife agreed to get a divorce so they can each own an HDB flat.

How it all came about

The couple had bought an HDB flat together when they got married under the husband’s CPF. The husband, now a cab driver and likely to be in his mid-fifties, claims he cannot withdraw his CPF money by next year because it does not meet the Minimum Sum, or Retirement Sum, which is the minimum amount of money needed in a CPF account for withdrawals can be made.

The wife also does not meet the minimum sum for her to make withdrawals from her CPF account when she turns 55.

Working around the system

divorce hdb

Source: Pixabay

So the pair decided to get a divorce. Though the two are still a happy couple. The divorce will then free the wife to buy a HDB flat of her own as a single under the Single Singapore Citizen (SSC) scheme with a housing grant. In this circumstance, she is able to pay for the HDB with her CPF.

Her husband then owns his first flat as a single.

Rental income

Since both have lived in the house for longer than the five-year Minimum Occupation Period, the husband is now able to rent the HDB out.

He can then live with his now ex-wife in her new flat, while they enjoy the passive income from the rental of the first flat. They claim to receive about $2,500 monthly in rent.

Here is the original Facebook post:

Though it sounds like quite the “ingenious” plan to some, others have pointed out that getting a divorce takes 3 years, which is quite a long process to do something for passive income.

But to the happy couple, it is better than never having access to their CPF funds. The couple has also pointed out that with the little money they each have in their CPF accounts, once the monthly disbursement of their CPF funds start when they hit 65, it would be quite a miserable sum that neither of them can live in.


This is quite the extreme move to make – to get a divorce just to buy a second HDB flat. But to each their own. Let us know if you have any thoughts on the matter in the comments. 

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