Foreign Factory Worker Begs Rescue Group To Accept His Hard-Earned S$10 To Buy Dog Food

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Some people think that charity is something only reserved for the rich, but every day, people from all walks of life show amazing generosity.

A humble donation

S$10 may not seem like that much money to most Singaporeans, but to foreign workers, that money is a precious amount that could be sent home to their loved ones.

One foreign factory worker in Singapore — who remains unnamed — surprised the volunteers at HOPE Dog Rescue while they were feeding strays at the factory where he worked. He offered them S$10 to pay for dog food, begging them to accept his small donation.

"We initially refused his kind gesture and asked him to keep his money as we felt really bad to take his hard-earned money," wrote the volunteers in a Facebook post.

Workers would sometimes approach them with canned food, kibbles, or medication for the dogs, but this was the first time they had been offered money.

Though they wanted to refuse his kind gesture, the worker insisted that they accept his money. He even started choking and tearing up as he spoke to them.

Dog rescue Singapore: He wanted to do more

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"We simply could not bring ourselves to reject him further," they wrote. "He told us that he felt guilty that he could not do more for the dogs at the factory as he could only go to the factory once a week."

When the man's tears started welling up, the volunteers couldn't help but get emotional themselves, and they accepted the money.

"Thank you for reminding us of the existence of kindness in this sometimes harsh and cruel world. Kind deeds and kind people like yourself keep our faith in the human race alive and spur us on in our work for the doggies."

Read HOPE Dog Rescue's entire post here.


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