Dog Year 2018: Money Predictions For The Dog Year

Dog Year 2018: Money Predictions For The Dog Year

If you’re born in the year of the dog, these are some money predictions you should bear in mind when handling your wealth and career in Dog Year 2018.

Year of birth: 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958

If you were born in any of those years during the Lunar New Year, you were born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog.

Soon, the Dog Year 2018 will be upon us as we usher in the Lunar New Year. As we receive blessings from our family and friends through the giving of ang pows, we should handle our money carefully.

In terms of ranking out of the zodiacs, the Dog is ranked at no. 9 out of 12. It is believed that this year, the Dog is under the influence of Taisui who is the Grand Commander of the Year.

In Chinese beliefs, Taisui one of the most highly respected and feared deities. It is said that if your Zodiac animal clashes with the Taisui, bad luck will befall you for the whole year.

So in order to have a good and peaceful year, respects must be paid to the Tai Sui.

According to traditional Chinese prediction, those born in the year of the Dog will face several challenges in career and wealth in Dog Year 2018.

Career challenges in Dog Year 2018

dog year 2018

Dog will see many tests in their careers this year. There will be many unexpected difficulties at work, so you should be prudent and play for safety to avoid losses.

By working steadily to display your personal ability, you can expect a potential promotion. Under the influence of Taisui, however, there will be envy by others. Be wary of this.

Do not use the Dog Year 2018 to job hop.

Always smile at others and take the initiative to make friendly contact with colleagues. Listen to others' advice to benefit your career development.

In business, Dog’s performance will be seriously affected. Instead of following a past year’s routine, change your thinking and actively seek trends in the market.

Wealth challenges in Dog Year 2018

dog year 2018

Unfortunately, due to the influence of Taisui, Dogs will be prone to money fraud and not have much luck in the money department this year.

Always read through contracts and documents related to money twice or three times over to prevent susceptibility to scams.

In particular, don’t fall prey to the promise of high interest or high returns when investing your money. Play it safe this year with stable and steady investments.

Consider lower risk investments like bonds, fixed deposits, insurance, mutual funds and gold.

Fortunately, your luck for wealth will not totally be a lost cause. Due to the blessing of auspicious star 'Sui Jia' (岁驾) and 'Hua Gai' (华盖), those engaged in art and creation, logistics, transportation and other related industries will see plenty of good returns through work.

May this Dog Year 2018 be prosperous for all zodiacs! Happy Lunar New Year!


Do you believe in Chinese zodiac predictions? What does yours say this Dog Year 2018? Let us know in the comments. 

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