Earth Day In Singapore: Activities To Join In Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day In Singapore: Activities To Join In Earth Day CelebrationsEarth Day In Singapore: Activities To Join In Earth Day Celebrations

Be more aware of environmental issues happening around the world with these activities. #NeverStopLearning #MakeTheWorldABetterPlace

Earth Day is happening this weekend and if you’re looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day in Singapore, then here’s a list of activities to look out for!

More than just cleaning up a beach or planting a tree, Earth Day can be a highly educational experience. Most of us may not be aware of all the issues our Earth is facing. So what better way to learn about Earth Day than to be involved in one of the activities around Singapore?

Here are ways to celebrate Earth Day in Singapore in 2018:

1. Earth Day: Art with Nature Workshop by Bollywood Veggies Pte Ltd

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Source: Eventbrite

This Earth Day, head down to the beautiful Kranji Countryside and let nature inspire the artist in you. Learn about the beautiful flowers that bloom in the local farm, take part in an immersive flower pounding session and create your own drawstring pouch to take home.

Date & Time: Sunday 22 April, 11:00AM to 11:45AM (45 minutes)

Place: Kranji Countryside

Price: $8/pax

2. Earth Day Yoga x LNT

earth day in singapore

Source: Eventbrite

Where in nature do we reside?
What is our experience of nature?
How might we experience deeper care for collective wholeness and health?

Themed End Plastic Pollution, Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to inspiring change in human attitude and behaviour around usage of plastics.

Date & Time: Saturday 21 April, 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Place: Fort Canning Green

Price: This event is pay-as-you-wish. All contributions will support the Outdoor Ethics Ambassador Programme, a non-profit community outreach effort of Better Trails.

3. A Plastic Ocean by Keppel REIT

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Do you remember that recent viral video about a diver who goes scuba diving in Bali and finds himself in a literal sea of plastic?

In conjunction of Earth Day 2018, join Keppel Land and Keppel REIT at the screening of an award winning documentary: A Plastic Ocean, bringing light to this issue.

A Plastic Ocean documents the newest science, proving how plastics, once they enter the oceans, break up into small particulates and enter into the food chain where they attract toxins like a magnet. These toxins are stored in seafood’s fatty tissues, and eventually consumed by us.

As the event aims to be plastic-free, attendees are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to refill at the water dispensers.

Date & Time: Saturday 21 April, 7:30 PM – 9:15 PM

Place: Eco Lake Lawn, Singapore

Price: FOC

4. Water Dreaming – Nature Connection & Kayaking

earth day in singapore

Source: Eventbrite

Become more connected with water through this event. Remember that the Earth is precious by immersing yourself in one of nature’s greatest elements – water.

Water Dreaming combines nature connection and kayaking into a mindful, sensuous experience, on water. Drifting with gentle waves, immersing in a symphony of rhythmic water gurgles, and noticing the lives that water support, you will find yourself easing into a zone of tranquility.

The Water Dreaming is a collaboration between Xiu Nature Connections and SplashAxis. Limited to 20 participants only.

Date & Time: Saturday, 28 April, 3:15PM – 7:00PM

Place: Seletar Water Sports Centre

Price: S$59-68


What will you be doing to celebrate Earth Day in Singapore this year? Let us know in the comments. 

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