Save On Your Monthly Electricity Bill By HALF With This Simple Hack

Save On Your Monthly Electricity Bill By HALF With This Simple Hack

Try this at home and see if you manage to lower your electricity bills.

Though this post from Liyana Syazwani, a Malaysian lady, was posted in 2015, it has recently gone viral and netizens are amazed at how she uses this electricity bill hack.

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She shows how her bill in June 2015 was over RM200 (~S$66) and when she discovered this electricity bill hack, the amount went down to only RM39.89 (~S$13.20)!

Some of you might know that the usage of certain electrical appliances at home like the oven, might cause electricity to go up quite a bit.

The usage of air-conditioning units is another major culprit in electricity bills. One way to reduce electricity bills when it comes to air-conditioning (because it is something we all cannot live without in our tropical weather), is by using a newer, lower-horsepower unit. Older units tend to use up more energy, while energy-saving inverter units can be more cost-effective.

But this only reduces our electricity bill by a small fraction.

Electricity bill hack: So simple and effective, yet largely unknown

electricity bill hack

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Liyana’s simple hack? She would switch off all the switches in the house for appliances she isn’t using, especially at night. But not only would she do that, she would also unplug the power cords from the wall to avoid any possible electricity leak.

It sounds easy enough, but it is not something everyone is aware of.

Liyana says that starting from September, she began unplugging all the power cords of unused appliances when her husband was out of town for work.

However, in November when her husband returned from his trip, the electricity bill spiked again because he was still not used to the practice of unplugging all the cords from the power sockets.

Later on, after her husband got used to this new method, the electricity bill went down again to RM39.89. She added that they would even unplug the power cord of the stand fan despite knowing that they’d be using it again in a few hours. Such dedication!

She only left certain appliances such as the fridge, thermo pot and electric mosquito repellent switched on at all times.


What do you think of Liyana’s electricity bill hack? Do you practice this at home? Let us know in the comments!

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