S$500 Dishwashing Gloves And Other Ridiculous 'Designer' Versions Of Everyday Items

S$500 Dishwashing Gloves And Other Ridiculous 'Designer' Versions Of Everyday ItemsS$500 Dishwashing Gloves And Other Ridiculous 'Designer' Versions Of Everyday Items

Would you buy any of these 'designer' items?

These are items you would be able to find at any Daiso outlet or DIY shop. But designers have taken these everyday items and turned them into expensive must-have items of the season.

Designers get away with such ridiculous item releases because of their fame, but would anyone really buy these seemingly normal everyday items for 100 times the price just for the brand?

Apparently so.

Everyday items designers have put their brand on

Calvin Klein recently released its version of… dishwashing gloves. For a hefty price tag of US$390 (S$500), you can purchase a pair of designer rubber gloves to do your dishes.

everyday items designers

Source: Calvin Klein

The Calvin Klein gloves are made of 100% synthetic rubber, and boasts a rose pink shade. The only thing that differentiates the full-length gloves from the ones you would find at Daiso, is a subtle white CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC motif on the cuffs.

And for that, we pay 100 times the price of a normal pair of gloves… Hmm.

This isn’t the first time a designer has come up with an “original” take on everyday items.

Let’s take a look at the everyday items designers have taken and put their own spin on.

1. Balenciaga “Arena Extra-Large Shopper” Tote Bag and ‘Bazar’

everyday items designers

Source: Balenciaga

One looks like the IKEA Frakta bag and the other looks like a Thai shopping bag. The Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag, which looks oddly similar to the IKEA Frakta bag, retails for US$2,145 (S$2,860). The differences between the two is that one is made of tarpaulin while the other is a leather version.

everyday items designers

Source: Balenciaga

The ‘Bazar’ bag, which had Thai netizens posting their ‘sampheng’ bags online mocking the Balenciaga version, retails for US$2,050 (S$2,733).

2. Anya Hindmarch’s “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” bag and “Crisp Packet”

everyday items designers

Source: Anya Hindmarch

When Anya Hindmarch first launched her “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” bag, it was for charity and people went nuts over it (even though you could get a non-designer version of it for a FRACTION of the price elsewhere). It retailed for only $15 (S$20), which is fairly affordable for a designer bag, but hey, it was for charity! However, the bag got so much backlash, it was banned in China.

everyday items designers

Source: Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch’s second everyday item was a crisp packet. Just finished a packet of potato chips? Just invert the bag around, wash it, add some handles to it and voila! You have yourself a crisp packet bag. The Anya Hindmarch version, which comes in both silver and gold foil colours, was retailing for up to US$1,621 (S$2,160).

3. Ashish Disco Bag

everyday items designers

Source: Ashish

In a not-very-subtle copy of Tesco’s plastic bag, Ashish came up with a “Disco” bag. Sure, it’s not made of plastic and has lots of sequins, but does it justify the US$373 (S$500) price tag? We think not…

4. Louis Vuitton’s Limited Edition SS07 Plaid Laundry Bag

everyday items designers

Source: The Luxury Closet

Similar to Balenciaga’s take on the ‘sampheng’ bag, this LV is a lookalike for China’s canvas shopping bags, which typically sport the same design. But it is again, proof that all you need to do is slap on a designer brand name and the words ‘limited edition’ to get people to go crazy over your product!

5. Zara’s Check Skirt

everyday items designers

Source: Zara

Retailing for S$133, this check skirt bears an uncanny resemblance to our traditional Malay sarong, doesn’t it? You can get a sarong for S$10 or RM10 at any night market in Singapore or Malaysia, but none of them will have the Zara labelling, we suppose…

6. Gucci’s Sneakers

everyday items designers

Source: Twitter

Do you remember how we used to have to wear plain white shoes or sneakers to school last time? And after a week or two, our bright and white shoes would become slightly stained and brown (because we were school kids and how can anyone expect kids to keep white shoes clean – we are still struggling with that as adults). Well, Gucci’s new sneakers are purposely made to look dirty and stained… and going for US$1,100 (S$1,466).

We rest our case.


Would you buy these everyday items designers have put their brand on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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