Woman Dumps Boyfriend Because He Tricked Her Into Thinking His "Porsche" Was Real

Woman Dumps Boyfriend Because He Tricked Her Into Thinking His "Porsche" Was RealWoman Dumps Boyfriend Because He Tricked Her Into Thinking His "Porsche" Was Real

He had swapped the logos and modified the car to look like the Porsche Cayenne.

We all know by now how easily fooled we can be by imitation products coming out of China. So, it should have come as no surprise to this woman in China who discovered her boyfriend was driving a fake Porsche. 

He tricked her by driving a fake Porsche Cayenne

fake porsche

Source: ET Today

All great love stories begin with a party and a materialistic woman. So, of course, this one would too.

Recently, a man in China met a woman at a party and offered her a ride home. She accepted.

As they were walking to the car, she realised that he was actually driving a Porsche Cayenne. The Porsche Cayenne would cost around 1.5 million Chinese Yuan (approx. US$220,000). It was then that she decided that she wanted to be with the man. 

After that night, she greed to go out on dates with him. The duo did what normal couples typically do – watch movies, have dinner and have sex. 

He seemed like a humble person and she liked that

fake porsche

Source: ET Today

But she claims that he was a gentlemen the whole time and even noting that he exuded such a humble personality at the party. 

For the two weeks the pair dated, they would go out on dates at regular places and he always wore inexpensive clothing bought online. 

She claims to have felt secure and blissful to be with such a humble person. 

Fake Porsche exposed

fake porsche

Source: ET Today

fake porsche

Source: ET Today

It was only after she videoed his car and uploaded it online to flaunt it to her friends that it was pointed out to her that the car was not a Porsche Cayenne. In fact, it was a China knock-off called Zoyte by Zhongtai, which cost one tenth of the Porsche. 

One of her best friends had told her: “That car is not Porsche Cayenne!”

Instead, the man had purchased the Porsche logos online and modified his car to look like the Cayenne. 

She confronted her then-boyfriend, demanding to know how much he paid for the car. Though he didn’t admit to his crime, the woman broke up with him. 

She then proceeded to upload her entire conversation with him alongside pictures of the car to warn other women. 


Though we don’t agree with him driving a fake Porsche to impress the ladies, this woman should know not to judge a book by its cover!

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