A Practical Father's Day Gift Guide: 8 Things Dads REALLY Want This Year

A Practical Father's Day Gift Guide: 8 Things Dads REALLY Want This YearA Practical Father's Day Gift Guide: 8 Things Dads REALLY Want This Year

Forget those thoughtless mass-produced stuff and get dad something practical instead.

Enough ties, belts and socks! Dads have closets full of those and it shows just how little thought goes in the gift-giving process for Father’s Day. (It’s a good thing you found this Father’s Day gift guide, then.)

And please, none of those TACKY “#1 Dad” plaques either. They’re dust-collectors and quite a waste of money.

But don’t do NOTHING, either. After that huge fuss over Mother’s Day, we better celebrate our dads in the BEST way possible.

So if you are looking for something your dad could really use this Father’s Day…

Here’s AsianMoneyGuide’s Father’s Day Gift Guide:

1. A year’s worth of haircuts at his favourite barber

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Dads like practical gifts and one of the best gifts you can get him is a gift card for his favourite barber. If his barber is a little more traditional, go down to the shop and see if you can talk to barber into giving you vouchers or even paying for Dad’s haircuts upfront. It won’t cost much (assuming your dad goes to just an ordinary barbershop, not one of those upscale metrosexual joints), it is incredibly useful and dad will remember the gift all year round!

2. Amazon Prime

fathers day gift guide

Source: Amazon

If dad loves shopping online, then get him an Amazon Prime membership. It costs only S$2.99 per month, so it’s very light on the wallet. How great is that?

3. Chromecast Ultra 4K HDR

fathers day gift guide

Source: Android Central

Any tech-loving dad geek will LOVE the Chromecast Ultra 4K HDR, especially if your TV at home is 4K-compatible. He can stream all of his favourite shows and movies (and you get to beefit from it when he isn’t using it!).

4. Subscriptions to his favourite magazines

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Look around your dad’s study area. Does he have stacks of National Geographic lying around? Or perhaps he’s more into TIME and The Economist. Get a year’s subscription for him (but make sure he doesn’t already have one!).

5. A gym membership

fathers day gift guide

Source: Guavapass

Noticed that dad has been more active lately and is looking for new ways to get fit? Get him a gym membership with personal training sessions so he is encouraged to go more often! Gym memberships can be quite pricey, but we’re sure dad will appreciate this gesture.

6. Staycation at W Sentosa

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Trust us, mum isn’t the only one who would enjoy a staycation. Dad would, too! Get him a staycation plus a spa voucher he can use to kick back and relax for a whole weekend away from home.

7. A power bank or battery pack

fathers day gift guide

Source: Apple

With all the spam messages dad is busy forwarding to us all the time, we also tend to hear a lot of complaints about his phone battery dying all the time. Get him a power bank, or better still, a phone case that charges his phone while he is using it.

8. A dinner treat

fathers day gift guide

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Dads have been taking us out for meals and paying for them all our lives. If we haven’t already made it a habit to buy dad a meal once in a while, then perhaps Father’s Day is a good place to start. Give dad a dinner treat if he isn’t the type who enjoys gifts. He has to eat and we’re POSITIVE he will love spending quality time with you.


What do you think of AsianMoneyGuide’s practical Father’s Day Gift Guide? What else would you add on to this list? 

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