You Won't Believe How Much Faye Wong Is Earning To Appear In A Reality TV Show

She could earn up to S$63 million or RM185 million just for appearing in a reality TV show!

Faye Wong, popular singer-songwriter and actress, might make her lucrative debut on a Chinese reality TV show produced by Kubert Leung, music director of Hunan TV's popular I Am A Singer series.

According to Hong Kong reports, the pop queen will earn an 80 million yuan (S$16.84mil or RM49.79mil) just to appear on the show. Some rumours have also hinted that the diva of the Chinese-speaking world might also demand a higher fee of 300 million yuan (S$63mil or RM185mil), to appear on the Hunan TV music show expected to premiere July 20.

faye wong

Source: China Daily

Other film and pop stars rumoured to be guests on the programme include Kit Chan, Lala Hsu, Eason Chan, Na Ying, Carina Lau, Maggie Cheung, Vicki Zhao and Faye Wong’s daughter Leah Dou.

Wong’s manager Katie Chan told news: “I don’t know at all which guests are involved. Ask the TV station. I can only say we’re in talks.”

This is not the first time Wong has been known for asking for “seafood prices” – commanding at least 8 million yuan (RM5mil) to give a performance, reported.

faye wong

Source: The Star

She was said to have earned 6.5 million yuan (S$1.37mil or RM4mil) for every concert in her 2010 comeback tour. She reportedly also earned 100 million yuan (S$21mil or RM62mil) for a live-streamed Shanghai concert in 2016.

The singer-songwriter is reportedly worth over US$150 mil (S$200mil or RM592mil). She has released 20 albums and has held over 100 concerts during her career. She has also acted in six movies and six TV series.

Katie Chan, Wong's agent, once said, "Faye does whatever she wants.... it's really quite a miracle that she became a success."

Faye Wong is a household name in countries such as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore. More recently, she has also become a hit in Japan.


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