The Best 10 Food Truck Concept Ideas To Start Up Your Own Food Truck Business

The Best 10 Food Truck Concept Ideas To Start Up Your Own Food Truck BusinessThe Best 10 Food Truck Concept Ideas To Start Up Your Own Food Truck Business

Fancy starting the most fun business?

Starting up your own business and being your own boss is a dream for many. And for people who love to cook, owning their own restaurant is something they aspire to achieve one day. But restaurants are NOT CHEAP to open.

The average cafe or restaurant will set you back half a million dollars to open. But thankfully, the rise of food trucks have allowed many aspiring entrepreneurs to live their dreams.

Food trucks are not limited by their location and you work whatever hours you want! There are so many food truck concept ideas that it can be a bit overwhelming. Our guide will give you an idea of how much it costs and what types of food trucks you could start!

Food truck concept ideas costs

food truck concept ideas

Source: Wikimedia Comons

While it sounds great in principle, it’s good to know how much you need to prepare before hitting the roads in your eye-catching cart!

Buying a wooden cart with customised signage will cost from Php10,000 to Php12,000. Then add on another Php10,000 for your fryers and grillers. And finally, buy all your materials to cook – roughly Php10,000 worth of goods is a decent start. But bear in mind, these carts might be difficult to transport around, which is why people tend to get the more mobile option – a food truck. 

Bontella Food Truck Builder advertise renting food trucks from as low as PHP320,000. They provide tables, installation of equipment and pay for all the relevant licensing. This might be a good option if you don’t have the capital to own everything and also don’t have the time to research all the right permits to buy.

Don’t forget about your permits and licenses – without them, you could get hauled over by police for operating without the right license! 

10 ideas for meals on wheels

So if you think this business idea is something worth pursuing, here are 10 food truck concept ideas you can try for your own cart or truck.

1. Barbecue

food truck concept ideas

Source: Unsplash

Barbeque is a simple and effective style! It’s tried and tested and will never go out of style. You can incorporate American style BBQ meats. And what you BBQ isn’t limited to just meat! Corn on the cob and mixed skewers can also go a long way. Definitely finger licking good!

2. Ice Cream

food truck concept ideas

Source: Unsplash

Perfect for a tropical country like the Philippines. With its balmy weather and scorching heat, kids and grown ups from all around will flock to your truck selling ice cream. And you have flexibility with it as well! Whether you serve in scoops in cones, or pre-packaged commercial ice creams, it’s easy to meet everyone’s needs.

2. Paninis

food truck concept ideas

Source: Unsplash

Sandwiches are the best on-the-go snack. People in offices can block-buy these toasted paninis to cover orders from their teams or departments. At the right times, you could attract seriously big crowds!

4. Organic and Local Fare

Who says fast food needs to be unhealthy? Great flavours don’t have to be swamped with sodium and preservatives. There’s definitely a market for people looking to eat clean. Whatever cuisine you serve, advertising that you source only organic and locally-produced fare will attract a crowd who are tired of the same old heavy fast food.

5. Cupcakes

food truck concept ideas

Source: Unsplash

Gourmet cupcakes can be really fun. They’re an unusual food truck idea since a cupcake isn’t a full meal, but a sweet snack. However, it can be great for after-hours when people want to wind down or even if there’s a celebration in the office! And you can vary up your flavours to keep it interesting!

6. Fusion

Serving up fusion cuisines can go a long way. People often hit the streets to grab something, but might not be decided on what they want. Maybe you could specialise in selling great Filipino classics like chicken adobo, while also offering a pad Thai.

7. American Flavours

There are a lot of choices to offer from the American part of the world. Lobster rolls and clam chowder can be made and easily sourced. And you’ll be one of the few people who can serve a delicious taco, or really area-specific delicacies like poutine.

8. European Flavours

food truck concept ideas

Source: Unsplash

Out of Europe, you can offer a lot of different dishes from the Old World. Flavourful sausages from Germany, palatable pastries from Denmark and choice croissants from France are a few snacks you can sell.

9. Waffles

food truck concept ideas

Source: Flickr

Waffles are great since it serves as a platform to pair it with anything sweet or savoury. Then you top it with anything you can think of and voila! Recipe for success. For example, you can’t go wrong with a simple topping like maple syrup and butter. And you can get fancier like adding blueberries with lemon cream cheese. If someone’s looking for a heavier bite, waffles and chicken are wonderful. And the best thing is there isn’t a set time when waffles can’t be eaten!

10. Burgers

food truck concept ideas

Source: Unsplash

Last but definitely not least, burgers are an enduring favourite in many regions in the world. It’s a heavily saturated market, so you’ll have to edit your recipe to really make your burger unique. It might not perform as well in certain Asian countries since you can’t share a burger meal easily, since people like to share their dishes! But if your burger can win over the fussy Asian tastebuds we all have, then you will definitely command a good crowd.


Now you know how much food truck concept ideas costs! you’ve dreamed of owning your own kitchen and selling your specialties, 

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