The Top Free Online Writing Tools Everyone Should Use To Make Life Easier!

The Top Free Online Writing Tools Everyone Should Use To Make Life Easier!The Top Free Online Writing Tools Everyone Should Use To Make Life Easier!

Here's how to make writing fun again!

Technology has changed a lot since the original typewriter was made. In fact, people are using the latest writing tools on the internet to assist with their work or their hobbies. The ability to self-publish has made it easy to produce content to a wide audience. We’ve helped to gather a variety of free online writing tools to sharpen the pen and hone the craft for great content and cutting-edge material.


The best free online writing tools

We’ve separated our list into different categories so it’s easier to choose based on your need. You might be looking for someone to check your work for grammatical errors. Maybe you want to bounce ideas off other people. Or you’re looking to get into the right headspace to cure writer’s block. Whatever your need, these free online writing tools should be used by everyone!


Editing assistants

free online writing tools

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  • Wordcounter – Your copy sounds repetitive? UseWordcounter to check and list out frequently-used words to avoid unnecessary repetition.
  • Grammarly – One of the newer grammar checkers in this list, Grammarly has a built-in browser extension that corrects any mistakes on the go.
  • Hemingway – Famous American author Ernest Hemingway was renowned for his minimalist approach to writing. This online check helps you write just like him to keep your story fresh, simple and clear.
  • Grammarcheck – A proof-reading tool that points out errors with colour-coded marking.
  • Cliche Finder – Cliches can work, but often we could do without them. This tool helps to spot any cliches in your text.
  • Grammark – A powerful copy-and-paste grammar checking tool that also measures the ease of reading


Writing tools

free online writing tools

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  • Calmly Writer – Perfect for a clean and distraction-free interface. This writing tool is simple and great for drafting.
  • Writeapp – Busy minds with an even busier schedule will find Writeapp the right app for them! Work on your drafts on the go as the ideas come to you.
  • Ilys – Ilys is a unique tool that challenges you to push beyond your comfort zones. You tell the tool how many words you write. And when you start typing, you can’t edit until you hit your word count. A great way to push yourself and unlock creativity.
  • My Writing Spot – Being clutter-free does not mean being feature-poor! My Writing Spot has in-built tools to help you check your work so you can write anywhere and anytime.
  • Focus Writer – This writing tool aims to create a setting for total immersion. The interface moves out of sight when your mouse cursor is at the edge of the screen. And there are manyThis one has a hide-away interface that you access by moving your mouse to the edges of your screen.


Collaborative effort

  • Stormboard – Perfect for brainstorming. Add sticky notes and leave notes or photos on whiteboards to keep the idea train running.
  • Wridea – Keep your creativity organised like never before. These tool groups ideas into different categories that let you share with friends, family or colleagues.
  • – This fun organiser helps you keep your ideas together using mind maps. Clean and stylish!
  • oTranscribe – Transcribing interviews need never be a pain again. Upload the audio files and type away, with controls to help emphasise text, or skip audio as needed. Your word processor and audio player all in one place!
  • Collaborize Classroom – Sharing knowledge is every student’s dream. And with Collaborize Classroom, students can engage in and download conversations about various topics to broaden their horizons. 
  • SynchroEdit – When working on a collaborative text, SynchroEdit allows groups to work on the same piece of text simultaneously. Changes are updated in real time, meaning minimum lag time when new information appears.


Ambience and productivity

free online writing tools

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  • Hipster Sound – Some people just can’t work without noise. Writing is often synonymous with hipsters writing in cafes. And that’s exactly what Hipster Sound offers! You get the ambience of a busy coffee shop, with a variety of places to choose from.
  • Piktochart – Sometimes, you need pictures to accentuate the message you’re trying to convey. With Piktochart, create infographics easily to highlight certain parts of your text.
  • – While not strictly related to writing, productivity is the aim of every freelancer’s game. Using the Pomodoro technique, track your productivity with the timer and step away from the keyboard with scheduled breaks to keep your mind fresh.
  • Bibme – Create bibliographies with ease using this organising tool that fetches and creates bibliographies from academic sources.


No writer should go without these free online writing tools in the 21st century! Share with your friends to improve their productivity.

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