Alternative Payment Options All Small Business Owners And Freelancers Must Use In 2018!

Alternative Payment Options All Small Business Owners And Freelancers Must Use In 2018!Alternative Payment Options All Small Business Owners And Freelancers Must Use In 2018!

Quick payments are no issue with these platforms!

Entrepreneurs and small business owners take note! Expanding your business and figuring out how to transfer money can be causing you to scratch your head. In fact, getting paid reliably is every freelancer’s biggest headache! Whether you get paid via affiliate links or from direct sales of services and products, having a quick and convenient method of receiving money is everyone’s paramount goal. We’ve got a list of alternate payment options for you to receive your payment faster and withdraw money reliably as alternatives to bank transfers.


5 freelance payment options 

1. Payoneer

freelance payment options

Source: Payoneer

This is one of the best alternative payment options for freelancers in the market. Small businesses also benefit from a wide range of services and is a really good way to receive payment outside of traditional bank transfers. 

Members can make global online payments, as well as receive them! Payoneer allows mass payout services like local bank transfers, branded debit cards and a payment service for various currencies.

Signing up is free. You just need a government-issued ID such as your driver’s license or passport. Your application undergoes an approval process usually up to a few weeks. And once approved, you can request payments or send money internationally. The fees are very low, which is one of the biggest pros to Payoneer. Receiving funds from another Payoneer customer is free. And if you accept funds from receiving accounts in major currencies (e.g USD and GBP), it’s also free!

Furthermore, Payoneer supports many freelance job portals for seamless transactions.


2. Paypal

freelance payment options

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps one of the most famous methods for freelance payment options, this functions just like Payoneer. Members can send and receive money. Mobile app support means you can always keep on top of your finances while on the move.

Signing up for a Paypal account is free. And the approval process is very fast. Just present a government-issued ID such as your driver’s license or passport.


3. TransferWise

freelance payment options

Source: TransferWise

This money transfer platform originated in Europe but extended its services to the Philippines. And over Php67.75 billion is transferred each month through the app. In fact, people save Php96 million each day through cheaper fees compared to traditional bank transfers. And they claim it’s up to 3 days quicker as well!

Signing up is free and requires a government-issued ID or proof of address from the past 3 months.

Transferring money is flexible, as you can choose to send via the app, by card or direct bank transfer.

And the transfer fees are quite low, usually around 0.6% of the amount being transferred and a small flat nominal fee on top of that.

It’s great for borderless transfer activity in different currencies since you can move funds from one account to another while incurring minimal fees. 


4. Payza Payment Solution

freelance payment options

Source: Pazya

If you didn’t qualify for the other options, Payza is a good alternative for freelance payment options. You can use Payza in over 190 countries using 21 different currencies. Also, you can upload funds using Bitcoin Bank Wire and your credit card, although a fee will be incurred.

Opening an account is free, and can be done with a government-issued ID.


5. Skrill Payment Solution

freelance payment options

Source: Skrill

Another good alternative to bank transfers if you can’t access the more well-known and popular options. The digital wallet in Skrill allows you to withdraw funds into local accounts and is accessible in over 200 countries. 



Work worry-free with these freelance payment options and never miss a payment again!

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