Husband Left BROKE After Wife Gambled Away S$6.46M Of His Fortune

Husband Left BROKE After Wife Gambled Away S$6.46M Of His FortuneHusband Left BROKE After Wife Gambled Away S$6.46M Of His Fortune

She also owed hundreds of thousands to a spread betting company, credit card companies and two other businessmen.

We all have our vices. Some of us like to drink, others like to smoke, while some turn to gambling. This gambling wife left her husband broke AND in debt after she gambled away MILLIONS of his money and more.

When Christopher Forte, 36, met his Indonesian wife Juliana Posman, 38, he was blinded by love. He had told Daily Mail that he fell for her within a month of meeting her in 2010 when they were both working at an IT firm in Egham, Surrey.

Posman, who has an MBA, had been in England since she was 20. She told Forte that she earned her money by gambling on movements in the German stock exchange index.

Her gambling led to her owing two other businessmen £2.5million, a few hundred thousand to a spread betting company and more debt in credit cards.

Forte was her latest victim. By the time he had realised her gambling habits, she had already run up a £3.5million gambling debt, which left him and his parents £169,000 poorer.

How it happened: Gambling wife squandered millions

gambling wife

Source: Daily Mail

According to Forte, Posman regularly reported daily wins of £500 on spread betting websites, with occasional losses of around £200.

He should have seen the red flags but he was absolutely blinded by love. Even on one occasion when she had lost lost £1.3million in a day, he chose to believe that she could win the money back.

He was impressed by her faith that she would ‘strike it rich’. So, he decided to propose to her.

The pair married in a £20,000 civil ceremony at the Grosvenor Hotel in 2014. They also hosted a second ceremony a few months later in Indonesia, followed by their honeymoon in Bali.

But soon after the honeymoon, problems started.

Gambling wife asked for ‘loans’ for her visa

Husband Left BROKE After Wife Gambled Away S$6.46M Of His Fortune

Forte, who was teaching English as a foreign language teacher in Brighton, started receiving loan requests from his new wife. At the time, Posman was earning £90,000 in commission from a credit and law firm annually.

She started asking him and his parents for ‘loans’, saying she needed to show she had assets of £5million to get a visa.

Forte later said to the Daily Mail, “In retrospect it was absolute rubbish. I’m British, she was my wife, and we could have got her a legitimate visa for a couple of thousand. But I didn’t realise that – I was in love. I would wake up and she’d be in tears, saying ‘I need another £15,000’.”

“She’d be crying as she asked me if I could raid my savings, sell my Premium Bonds, or ask my parents. If I asked any questions she’d get more upset, say I didn’t trust her, and walk out saying ‘You don’t want me any more’.”

So he gave in and lent her £45,000, while his retired parents gave her £131,330. She claimed it would just be sitting in her bank account.

Things got worse

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It was only in April 2016 that he started seeing the really ugly side of things. He received a letter from the two businessmen Posman owed money to – Isaac Kaye and Warren Roiter.

In the letter, it was revealed that the two businessmen had loaned Posman £2.5million, claiming that Forte was listed as the guarantor. But he knew nothing of them.

Posman was in Indonesia at the time Forte received the letter. When she returned to London, the truth came out.

She admitted that she had given £750,000 to her brother, £250,000 to her parents and lost several million spread betting.

Gambling wife left alone and bankrupt

gambling wife

Source: The Sun

The couple divorced in August 2017. Posman agreed to pay the £169,000 she still owes Forte and his parents at a rate of £1,700 a month.

But she failed to make any repayments and was declared bankrupt, leaving Forte and his family penniless.

Posman, who has obtained leave to remain in Britain, lives in a seaside flat in Hove, East Sussex.

He said: “Gambling addiction is one of the worst because of the damage it does families. She didn’t marry me for my money, but maybe she saw I was a soft touch. She doesn’t deserve a visa.”

Source: Daily Mail


Gambling is a serious addiction and is one that needs to be addressed before things get out of hand. If you have a gambling wife or husband at home or a friend who needs to seek help, the National Council on Problem Gambling has a hotline at 1-800-6-668-668. 

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